Washington, DC

3513 14th Street, NW between Otis and Parkwood

Whoa, thanks to Nicole for sending yesterday:

“I went to go to Pho Viet and saw a ton of jack hammering and construction. Any idea what is going on? My friend told me that she was there last week and they had a sign that they would be closed this week. Hope they reopen soon!”

I’m gonna file this as new patio coming!!

For those unfortunate enough to be unfamiliar with Pho Viet:

“Pho Viet serves authentic Vietnamese cuisine. Located in the Columbia
Heights neighborhood of Washington, DC.
Pho Viet is the newest additions of Vietnamese restaurants in DC. DC loves
Pho and we are here to serve.”

Ed. Note: The folks from Pho Viet opened Bun DC on Sherman Avenue August 25th. Updates when we learn more about the construction plans here.


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