Washington, DC

From H Street, NE. I haven’t figured out a good post for this one so what the hell

Sweet! Thanks to Frank and Adam for sending from Capital Bikeshare:

“We are updating and revising our Bicycle Rental Agreement and Liability Waiver and Release. Effective September 5, 2018, if you rent a bicycle or use our website or our other services after that time, you are agreeing to do so under the new terms.

Why are we doing this?

We have some exciting additions coming to the Capital Bikeshare fleet. Soon we’ll be introducing new pedal-assist bicycles as another solution for getting across Metro-DC. Therefore, we’ve changed our Rental Agreement and Liability Waiver and Release to include policies related to pedal-assist bicycles.

We’ve put up information to explain these changes in more detail. You should review the documents in full on your own.


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