Washington, DC

Photo via The Bakers Lounge

Looks like Doug has moved on from “locking himself out” to straight up stealing. From the Brookland Listserv:

“Yesterday I was robbed by this man in the picture. He came in and introduced himself as my neighbour, the developer for the building across from the store, Dr Robert,

So as per usual I was receptive to him. He told an elaborate story about his car being in the neighbour for a week as he had been traveling and his driver dropped him off with his phones keys and wallet left in the car. So he wanted to use a phone to call, as per the picture. He claimed he couldn’t get through to the driver then He asked for money, we told him we had no cash, I walked back into the kitchen, he reached into the tip bucket and took the $15 and ran off. Please all be careful.”


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