Washington, DC

Foggy Bottom Station Manager Darren Washington

“Dear PoPville,

Yesterday, I forgot my roll-on bag on the Metro in the crush of the Caps parade crowd. It had my work-issued laptop and notebooks in it. I realized it as soon as the train left the station at Foggy Bottom, and ran to the station manager.

He told me he will make a couple of calls and to wait patiently. I paced nervously while 2-3 other station staff shook their heads and said it might be a lost cause, “we are really busy today… someone may take it… it would have to go the last station and make its way through lost and found” and such, which was quite alarming. Meanwhile, the station manager was still on the phone. He called a few stations ahead on the same line, another station manager found my bag, and in a few minutes, I had the bag back in my hand! The other station manager actually rode a metro and got it back to me. Unbelievable service and quick thinking. The Station Manager at Foggy Bottom was Darren Washington (pictured). The other station manager, if you are reading this, please know that what you both did was just amazing! Go Metro!!

–Smita Chandra Thomas”


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