Washington, DC

Ed. Note: You can read about Brookland Pint’s reasoning here.

“Dear PoPville,

Anyone know why so many restaurants are still not allowing pets on their patios?

After the D.C. Council voted to repeal the ban of dogs on restaurant and bar patios last year, I thought most venues with patios would start allowing dogs. However, my wife and I have been turned away from several venues in Georgetown that have an absolute ban on all pets.

While we would understand if these venues put limitations on which pets were allowed (e.g. small well-behaved dogs only), it seems completely illogical and unreasonable to ban all pets.

Our cute little 8 year old pup (see photo) is always a perfect gentleman whenever we go out to eat, yet so many venues still won’t allow him to quietly sit under our table as we eat. They instead choose to lose out on our business and force us to look elsewhere.

When are these venues going to get with the times and open up the opportunity for hard-working Washingtonians to grab some food while spending their precious free time with their beloved four-legged friends? Is there anything we can do as community members to get these businesses to change their minds?”


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