Washington, DC

“Dear PoPville,

Someone recently put up a very tacky substance (glue?) along the top of a shared backyard fence to essentially make it a giant glue trap for birds and small animals. This glue trap has claimed its first victim this morning, a small white-breasted nuthatch. We rescued the injured bird and contacted City Wildlife, which now has the bird in its care. It seems nothing can be done to force the tenant to remove the glue. The condo association said this is not illegal or against the condo rules, and Animal Control said there needs to be an intent to harm in order to charge the tenant with animal cruelty or force them to take down the glue. Obviously, more birds and small animals will get trapped in this tacky substance and suffer painful injuries and a horrible death. I am completely distraught about this and feel helpless. This is on Hawthorne Court NE.”


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