Washington, DC

“Dear PoPville,

I was in a car accident last Friday a few blocks from my house. Minor fender bender but I was majorly pissed because the car I hit didn’t stop at her stop sign. I didn’t realize until after inspections of the vehicles that her stop sign was laying on the ground. *insert colorful language here*

My assumption was that the sign probably came down as result of the crazy wind storms we’ve had since that previous Friday. Regardless, today is now Wednesday (5 days after I called 311 to make the repair) and and the sign is still down!

It’s a 2-way stop intersection so only having one stop sign out of 4 directions is terribly dangerous. Had my accident been serious, I can’t imagine the headache it would have been to hold the city accountable.

So if you are driving through 9th and Jefferson St, NW, please BEWARE!”


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