“Just wanted to send out a note regarding a potential scammer.”

by Prince Of Petworth February 13, 2018 at 10:55 am 0

Photo by PoPville flickr user DCbmyers

What I particularly hate about the scammers is that I fear when someone really needs help – we will be so, understandably, jaded that we may default to thinking the request is a scam. I hope I’m wrong. Anyone else familiar with the request below?

“Dear PoPville,

Just wanted to send out a note regarding a potential scammer. I was walking my dog around 7pm last night between 13th and 14th on D Street NE when a man (late 40s/early 50s, approximately 5’9”, round figured, African American with eye ptosis) ran down “his” front steps and asked for cab fare claiming his wife and daughter were in the hospital in PG County. He whipped out his drivers license to prove he lived at that address (I didn’t lean in to confirm) and claimed that none of his neighbors were home to help him out. I assume part of his story is that he was locked out but he didn’t actually say that. Anyway, I told him I didn’t have any cash on me or in my home but that if his wife and children were in the hospital, the cops would surely be understanding and willing to give him a ride there.

I’ve heard this very story before though I didn’t recognize this guy. We’ll see if he’s still around in the coming weeks.”


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