Washington, DC

Oof, painful/expensive lesson from Stevie:

“HEY THANKS NEIGHBOR FOR RIPPING DOWN MY SIGNS. Also glad that NOWHERE on said sign informed me that I had to call to have them verified. I just double checked my emails from my app process and SHOCKING it’s not in there. So for trying to be a good citizen I spent $60 and posted 72 hours in advance for NOTHING.

The 311 rep I spoke with acted like it was very common knowledge. She was very kind and felt badly for me but there was nothing she could do.”

In fairness, DDOT responded:

“Can you send me your tracking number, we’ll take a look at this for you. Generally, the verification instructions are on the second page printed out with the permit and listed on our website.”

Update from Stevie:

“Someone just reached out from the permit office– was super helpful and apologetic. Also, said a new and more clear permit process will be out shortly.

Ed. Note: Call 202-541-6083 Monday to Saturday to verify signs: Sign Verification Procedures (PDF).


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