“now it’s possible to grab a fresh, healthy lunch for less than $8!!”

2001 S Street, NW

Last week we shared the awesomeness of Glen’s new fire pits (Glen’s Cocoa Lodge.) Now it’s a month old but I’d like to share some more awesomeness I stumbled upon from Glen’s:

“Posted November 5, 2017

Mea Culpa

A note about Glen’s Dupont –

Being a small business owner requires an abundance of two things: resilience and humility. Grit and stamina are important too, but staying nimble is paramount. Over the last two years, Glen’s doubled in size, growing from one location to two, and that came with all the inevitable ensuing challenges.

Before we opened our second location, I saw most of you almost daily. I wore holes in the knees of every pair of jeans because I was always on the floor stocking. Things seemed to be going well, and folks really seemed to be excited about what we’re doing here, so we built a second store, with the hopes of magnifying our change agency and making even steadier progress toward our environmental goals. But something got lost in translation, and the details started to slip. Wait times for sandwiches got too long, the quality of our salads became spotty and service didn’t always feel like it used to. I was distracted. I missed it. And I am so sorry. I failed you – the Glen’s you loved wasn’t the Glen’s you were walking into anymore. That warm, legendary service wasn’t quite so legendary anymore. The craveable kale salad wasn’t what you remembered. The place just came to feel a little less extraordinary.

I know that we dropped the ball. It’s time for some resilience and humility.

We messed up, we know it, and, as of today, we put in place a plan to fix it. As of this morning, our deli is organized differently. We’ll have folks entirely dedicated to making positively certain your sandwiches are perfect, and that they come out efficiently. And we’ll have people dedicated entirely to making sure you have a great experience every single time you step up to our deli counter. We’re deeply dedicated to making a comeback, and making things right again.

We introduced an awesome new sandwich menu with a ton of lower-priced options. We dropped the prices on all of our pizzas. And we reduced the price of all-veggie deli combos, so now it’s possible to grab a fresh, healthy lunch for less than $8!!

You’ll also be seeing a lot more of me and Chef Will at Dupont. We’re going to be making certain that Glen’s is worth falling in love with again.

We’re making some other changes too – starting tomorrow, we’ll be opening at 8am on the weekdays. That means you can stop in on your way to work and grab a coffee, if you’d like. We’ll also be offering breakfast pastries (which are truly incredible), so you can grab a nosh too.

The bottom line is, we listened, we evaluated, and we’re rebounding. I am so deeply grateful to those of you who showed us patience and kindness and we figured all of this out, and I hope you’ll be pleased with the result. If you’re able to stop in this week, please say hi – I’ve missed you guys, but I’m back.”

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