Washington, DC

Big, big news for our cousins across the river – you’re getting a Pint! For those not familiar, you really need to get out more : )

Meridian Pint was founded on the premise of environmental sustainability. Our strict focus on American craft beer allows us to eliminate the impact of transatlantic shipping as well as maintain a locally based revenue stream. In addition, we serve mostly draft beer enabling us to reduce our impact on recycling resources. A large percentage of our chef-driven, seasonal menu is sourced from local and regional farms. Pairing great beer with unique dinners, cheeses or appetizers enables us to elevate the growing culture of craft beer here in Washington, DC.

Composting the bulk of our waste helps us reduce our impact on landfills to less than 10%. Furthermore, much of the equipment, furniture, construction materials and design elements have been recycled or reclaimed. Our energy source comes from wind mill farms in the way of green energy credits. Finally, 95% of our staff lives within walking distance helping to minimize parking problems, traffic flow and overall reduce our carbon foot print.

It is our hope to be environmental stewards to the community and hopefully convey a better way of doing business through the spirit of American craft beer. We hope you enjoy your experience.

–John Andrade, Owner

Until all the I’s are dotted and the T’s are crossed an exact location is not yet known but it’ll be somewhere in North Arlington (Not in Clarendon or Ballston.) Very good news for NoVa – updates in a few weeks when the ink should be dry! (Do people still use these expressions?) You can see Meridian Pint’s menus here. STAY TUNED.


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