Washington, DC

Thanks to Ali for passing on:

“I saw your post a few weeks ago regarding the abysmal conditions of Piney Branch, and that inspired me to at least submit a request to DDOT since I too commute daily on that road. Over a month later, I finally received a response. Not extremely helpful, but at least we know that Piney Branch is not part of the Beach Drive project.

“This is in response to your email regarding the repaving on Piney Branch Road.

The repaving of Piney Branch will be a separate project, which is currently under design, and therefore, it is not part of the Beach Drive project.

As part of the Beach Drive project, we have been patching potholes throughout construction. As recent as last Saturday, November 4, the contractor filled in potholes on Piney Branch.

The grassy areas where the staging areas are located will be reestablished to preexisting condition after construction is done.”


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