Washington, DC

“Dear PoPville,

As a resident of upper 14th St, like many commuters, I use Piney Branch Road to get to a Rock Creek Parkway on a daily basis. I am very appreciate that Rock Creek Parkway [Ed. Note: segment one] has been finished, however, I have never seen Piney Branch in worse shape in my ten years living here. It is a disaster! The amount of potholes, uneven pavement and crumbling asphalt is dangerous. Just last week, my partner flattened her tire when she hit a pothole. Further compounding matters, the construction crews repairing Rock Creek Parkway are using three locations on Piney Branch as staging locations for their equipment. These heavy, large-scale construction trucks and tractors are destroying Piney Branch. The road can simply not handle their extreme weight and constant travel back and forth.

My question is: What is the mayor and city council doing to remedy this? The patchwork fixes are only temporary fixes and only make matters worse in the long run. This entire road needs resurfaced. Typically, when large-scale construction takes place, the contractor is required to pay to resurface the adjacent roads to his or her project due to the fact that their equipment is so hard on the road surfaces. I hope our government is on top of this and aware of the issue so that it can be addressed in the near future. It’ll only get worse with the cold weather.”

Ed. Note: This is part of the Beach Drive Rehabilitation Project, which is run by the National Park Service. Does anyone know if there are plans to repave Piney Branch too? I though I heard that was in the plans?


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