Washington, DC

courtesy Cava

From an email:

“Curated by Executive Chef and Founder Dimitri Moshovitis, the new menu is inspired by Moshovitis’ traditional Greek upbringing and his penchant for fresh, crisp vegetables.

New additions include Greek Minestrone with Harissa, a vegan, gluten-free, and dairy-free dish heavy on colorful fruits and veg and elevated with a kick of harissa; a Fall Vegetable medley with brussels sprouts, butternut squash, carrots and cauliflower, all lightly charred and spiced simply with salt and pepper; and sweet and crunchy Carrots & Currants tossed in lemon juice, that can be used as a topper on any grain bowl, salad, or pita.

Also new to the menu is a Yellow Pepper Tahini dressing with a smoky flavor profile from roasted yellow peppers, and a permanent addition – new greens mix SplendidGreens. A crunchy combination of greens including romaine, escarole, chicory endive, belgian endive, and radicchio, SplendidGreens is a perfect base for a salad or Greens+Grains bowl.

CAVA’s signature housemade juices and teas are also getting a boost with Rosemary Limeade, Apple Cinnamon Sage, Blackberry Orange Shrub, and more.”


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