Washington, DC

1238 H Street, NE

Well this is massive. 10 year H Street resident Granville Moore’s is being taken over by owner of the Queen Vic, Ryan Gordon, starting October 1st. Ryan tells me:

“You won’t be seeing any major changes, we will bring it back to what made it an institution.”

Update: Chef Teddy Folkman will remain a partner.

Full Update:

“As of this week, Granville Moore’s, located at 1238 H Street NE, has new owners.

Teddy Folkman
Teddy is an existing owner and has been with the company for 10 years. He will continue to be the Executive Chef and will have creative control over the menu. He plans on moving to North Carolina at the end of this year but will be coming back monthly to update the menu.

Ryan Gordon
Ryan is the existing owner and executive chef at The Queen Vic. He will be overseeing operations at Granville Moore’s, as well as collaborating with Teddy on the menu. He will be making sure that the food, service and beverage program are consistent and are of an incredibly high quality.

Roneeka Bhagotra
Roneeka is also an owner at The Queen Vic. She will be taking care of all the boring training, finance, PR and HR stuff.

All three of us are so excited to working together – Granville Moore’s has been a staple on H Street for over a decade and the past few years have been a little bumpy – but with the new ownership in place we hope to bring it back to it’s former glory and make sure it is once again one of the number one spots in the city.

We do not plan on changing the menu or beverage program drastically, so you will still be able to enjoy the fantastic mussels and unusual Belgian beers. Our focus is to tighten up the existing structure and make Granville Moore’s the friendly, delicious and fabulous restaurant is deserves to be.”

An institution indeed. As a fan of the Queen Vic, I’m gonna file this under very good news!


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