Washington, DC

“Dear PoPville,

Three (maybe four) large SUVs parked IN A BUS ZONE on Wednesday night in Dupont, on Connecticut Ave, right in front of the long line for a popular club (I’m pretty sure it was Decades.)

The bus driver said this happens every night. None of the cars had tickets. I think they should have like 15 tickets, and be towed.

The best case scenario I can think is they are police vehicles? But even then, they should only be using a bus zone in an emergency. Not every night! How do they get away with this? Some police or traffic enforcement officer, or their manager, ought to be held accountable.

The bus had to hold up traffic on Connecticut in order to pick us up (since he couldn’t pull over) and we had to nearly walk into traffic to board.

I don’t care if people are important, or in law enforcement, or have money – there is no parking in a bus zone. Laws apply equally to everyone.”


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