Bar Etiquette Query: “once you leave your seat you should wait for everyone else to order.”

Ed. Note: Number One – never leave the game in the 7th!!

“Dear PoPville,

Looking for an opinion here as I’d never thought of this before, became curious, and opinions of friends have been split too.

My friends and I went to The Salt Line’s outdoor bar after a game a couple days ago. We left the game in the 7th and snagged 4 spots at the bar before it got too overcrowded. At some point I got up to go to the bathroom, and when I came back a girl got upset that I was trying to get back to my empty stool that my friends saved for me while I was in the bathroom. She basically said that because the stool was in front of the bar, I was essentially cutting the line that people were waiting in to order a drink. I explained that I was going back to my seat, and she said “yeah but you’re going to order a drink at some point and now you’ve cut the line because you’re in front, once you leave your seat you should wait for everyone else to order.” But, if I had done that I would have waited all night to get back to my seat.

My question is: is it bad bar etiquette to return to your bar stool in a crowded bar with long lines to order after you leave your spot for a few minutes? Never considered it before.”

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