Washington, DC

From Wonderland:

“Friends, come and join us on Sunday 6 August for the Wonderland Ballroom’s Lucky 13 Birthday Extravaganza. None of us at the bar understand how it is that city officials and humanity’s collective conscience have allowed us to remain open this long, but such are the mysteries of life, and we’re celebrating!

We’ll be running happy hour ALL DAY after brunch, and polite society is invited to come pay respects starting at 4:00 PM. Things get somewhat coarser starting around 7:00, and the earnest descent into something out of Dante begins around 8:00. Please plan accordingly. You’ll want to give yourself ample opportunity to clink glasses with your favorite bartenders, contemplate the bad choices of other people, swear oathes of fielty, and read the life advice on the bathroom walls.


IS THIS FAMILY FRIENDLY? The staff usually bring their children, but the staff are middling parents at best. This is family friendly in the way that rolling your kid around on the metro floor so as to make them “hardier” is family friendly.

SHOULD I BRING A PRESENT? No, just your smiling faces. Unless you have something awesome.

ARE YOU PLANNING ANY SPECIAL EVENTS? Our house musician, Ian Walters, will drunkenly be playing music, INCLUDING his very own song “Nick’s Mom,” an ode to his least favorite Wonderland bartender’s mother set to the tune of “Piano Man.”

11th and Kenyon St, NW


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