Washington, DC

“Dear Popville,

Our meter box came loose from the wall and PEPCO issued our 3-unit building a 15-day notice to fix the box or they would shut off the electricity. Of course, PEPCO claims that the box and meters are the owner’s responsibility, not theirs. Yet they are charging us $2,251 to turn off the power so that our electrician can reaffix the box to the wall. Not to mention the $200 city inspector permit (also required by PEPCO), the several thousand dollars owed to the electrician for time and materials for waiting in line at the permit office, calling PEPCO dozens of times to arrange and schedule the outage and repairs, and doing the actual rescrewing of the box to the wall.

Has this happened to anyone else? Do we have any recourse with PEPCO? These fees are obscene! The repair was originally quoted for $200 and, due to PEPCO, this project is going to cost us nearly $5,000!”


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