Effigy, where “Nude Performances are permitted”, coming to former Cafe Asia space next to Bottom Line

by Prince Of Petworth June 12, 2017 at 10:22 pm 14 Comments

1720 I Street, NW

The liquor license placard posted outside the former Cafe Asia space says:


Licensee requests to transfer license from Safekeeping (former address 2840 Alabama Avenue, S.E.) to a new location at 1720 I Street, N.W. Maximum Number of Seats 350, and Total Occupancy Load of 500. Nude Performances permitted.”

Stay tuned.

  • Kingman Park

    So are they referring to nude performances from customers or staff?

    • Truxton Thomas

      Independent contractors, I’m thinking.

  • maxwell smart

    The irony of this being next door to The Bottom Line…

    • AMDCer

      Yeah, I was thinking to myself there’s a joke in there somewhere….

  • Accountering

    How can you transfer a licence from Alabama Avenue to Farragut Square? If that is the case, why not just get rid of the transfer system entirely? This seems like a silly technicality at a minimum.

    • logandude

      Moreover, from a quick Google search this seems to be a transfer of the license for Club Rendezvous, which was shut down back in 2007 or so through eminent domain and whose license has been kept in “safekeeping” since then. There seemed to be some serious lawyering up back then.

      • Duponter

        Let me guess, the Nationals stadium? Most of those clubs are still traveling around the city to different locations. Downtown is a new spot though. The rest seem to have stayed farther out.

        • logandude

          Nah, the original address of 2840 Alabama Ave is right at the intersection with Good Hope Rd and Naylor Rd SE, so it looks like they got kicked out for the Skyland redevelopment project, which was supposed to be anchored by WalMart – and which still hasn’t happened (yet another reminder that redevelopment has been very uneven in this city).

    • anon

      Or we could just allow these licenses to be newly issued instead of subject to transfer. How much demand for these bars even exist that this would be that disruptive? What purpose does a moratorium on these licenses serve if grandfathered licenses are going to continue to exist? Other than making a few people very rich, anyway.

  • OP Anon

    Those grandfathered nudie licenses are very, very valuable since the city is not giving them out any more. Basically a license to print money.
    Also, the nude license are ONLY allowed to be transferred to a location within (i) the same district or (ii) the CBD. The code is an interesting bit of old DC sleaze:

    • Blithe

      Genuine question: Why is this sleazy? I thought that the goal was to prevent the spread of businesses that some view as being unsavory, while recognizing the grandfathered rights of prior business owners.

      • Anonymous

        Because they’ve essentially given a monopoly to the existing license holders in perpetuity. It’s plain to see that whomever wrote that bit of the DC code was obviou$ly influenced very heavily.

  • JT

    I remember back in ’98 heading out to my buddy’s favorite sports bar (first floor sports, second floor comedy club) on K street downtown or thereabouts to watch the NBA All-Stars game. It had been our tradition for a couple years. Just as the game was about to come on, they turned off all the TVs, dimmed the lights, and a couple strippers started dancing on tables around poles. Somehow it had stopped being a sports bar. Maybe the 90’s are really coming back all over the city!

    • Anonymous

      Fast Eddie’s/Archibald’s is still there! Next to the St Regis and literally around the corner from the White House. It blows my mind that they are still open. Some of the S line buses dump right out in front of it.


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