Today’s Rental is a “Sunny & spacious garden-level apt”

by Prince Of Petworth June 5, 2017 at 2:00 pm 15 Comments

This rental is located at 1110 D Street, SE. The craigslist ad says:

“$2200 / 1br – 756ft2 – This one has it all! Walk to Metro, private parking, large patio (Capitol Hill, Eastern Market)


Sunny & spacious garden-level apt in Capitol Hill rowhouse with separate front & back entrance, fireplace, W/D, security system & storage. Landlord pays DirecTV & water. 5 min walk to Eastern Market Metro, Barracks Row restaurants, Safeway & new Trader Joes. Short distance to 11th St I-395 exit, Union Station, Navy Yard & Nationals Ballpark. Sorry no pets. Available now! Contact agent to view.”

  • anon

    this is overpriced by a few hundred IMO. I recently paid $2200 for a 1bd + den / 1 ba with 840 sq ft. in MVT that was very up-to-date. the only way today’s rental would be remotely worth it is if off-street parking was included, and it does not appear to be by the description.

    • anonymous

      off street parking actually does appear to be included (see the pictures and the sidebar menu on the ad). Still, it looks super outdated for $2200 but maybe i don’t know the going rate for off street parking around there.

      • anon

        oops! i saw the photo and just thought it was an extra (like the “neighborhood” photos), but totally missed the sidebar. I think that helps the pricing slightly, but I’m still not sure it’s worth 2200 with that kitchen. I’m also curious if it’s even possible to do dishes in that sink? it looks to be small and circular shaped.

    • textdoc

      I’m not sure that’s an apples-to-apples comparison; Mount Vernon Triangle and Capitol Hill are fairly different neighborhoods.
      That said, this strikes me as probably a little overpriced that it’s at 11th and D — this rent would seem more plausible a few blocks further west. The unit is very large and appears to get pretty decent light, especially more a basement, and the kitchen appears to be fairly recent (though it lacks a dishwasher, which is a distinct minus). And the rent includes DirecTV, which I’m assuming means TV and Internet.
      Given that “private parking” is in the ad headline and one of the photos shows the parking spots, I’d imagine that parking is in fact included.

      • textdoc

        Addendum to “this rent would seem more plausible a few blocks further west” — And maybe it would still be overpriced even then.

  • I don’t believe it’s quite worth $2.2K, but I must say it’s nice to see a unit that indeed lives up to its description of being sunny and spacious.

    • CathedralHeightsMetro

      Was about to post the same! Usually “sunny garden-level” is code for “dark basement with maybe a couple of small windows.” This looks genuinely bright, and like it opens up to an actual garden-level patio.

    • west_egg

      Right? Usually these ads use “garden-level” to mean “at the below-ground level of the roots of the flowers you plant in the garden, which will see far more sun than you ever will.”

  • anon

    That rent would be too high for this unit anywhere in historic district. You could justify that rent for a better space – ie high end modern gut reno or space with character/original details + upgraded amenities. This is neither. For that price you might as well rent a high end unit around Navy Yard or in newer developments coming online on Hill.

    This looks like an owner who wants a renter to single handedly cover a mortgage.

    • maxwell smart

      Yeah… have you seen the rents at the newer buildings in Navy Yard? A 1 Bedroom starts in the $2500 range, for the smallest floorplan with no parking and zero utilities.

  • anon

    I don’t think it is much overpriced. It is a good sized one-bedroom, close to metro, not basement-like, has the addition of a parking space (which costs to pay for), a WD (which many apartments don’t have), security system (which is worth something if it also includes good locks and other stuff that prevents, not just notifies you, of break-ins – many rentals around here look so easy to break into from the photos that I wouldn’t even look at them), extra storage (which, if they mean something very much more spacious than that closet under the stairs, is also costly to rent if you need it), and a patio (presumably private? – not clear) – many people will pay more for some outdoor space, but it is often people with pets who really need it, and no pets here.
    Only big drawbacks I see is that the price includes water but not heating (I’m used to radiator buildings where heat is included, so I consider that an added cost over normal for me), and that there’s no bathtub (which is a dealbreaker for me.)
    It may go for a bit less. I notice owners here often stupidly start with a pie in the sky rent rate, and places sit on the market for months, while those looking to rent watch the listings until the rents come down to market rate to contact the owner, or just offer less if the place has been not the market awhile – rather than offer the place at the market rate that will get them a good tenant quickly. I call it stupid because this practice does not bring the best return on a rental unit, or the smartest tenants.
    I’m a good tenant, and I would never rent from someone who started with pie in the sky rates, as there is likely no legal protection (unless the owner owns 4 or 5 rental units, I forget which, in DC, which most of these row house rental unit owners do not) from them just raising it even over the crazy amount they wanted to begin with the next year, once I’ve spent a lot of money to move in and furnish to fit (blinds, curtains, rugs, some furniture – some of which fits in one place but not in the next, so it gets expensive – besides moving costs, hassle and cost of my time spent looking for a new place, having to pack and unpack, changing my address all over the place, etc. A landlord that starts with a price that is generally viewed as above market is just not worth my time or attention.

    • anon

      Missed the lack of dishwasher. That alone, besides being a non-starter for me, puts it at well below the $2000 mark, probably the 1800 mark, whatever else it has. Nice try.

  • JH

    with parking and direct TV, 1800$ i would think for this size and location. maaaaybe $1900 because of parking. especially if no other utilities are included and this is not a more modern reno. i know exactly where this unit is. i used to live closer to the pretzel bakery in a really crap one bedroom not sunny step down garden/basement that was a decent size but not renovated – and you could not use the “patio” (also no parking). they raised the rent on that to 1500$ in 2014 when i moved out, so it is probably at $1650/1700 now. i am wondering what the new condos/apts behind safeway will be going for, they will be about tthe $2200 price i’m betting – but all new.

    it is really sunny and the patio does look usable and nice! and good location. but 2200$ is a stretch!

    • textdoc

      $1800 sounds awfully low to me for an updated unit of this size. (Granted, I don’t really know the comps for this area.)
      I rent out a 550-square-foot 1BD/1BA in Adams Morgan to tenants for $1725/month. It has a late-1980s kitchen and bathroom, and late-1990s carpeting in the living room and bedroom. It has an in-unit W/D (like this one) and a dishwasher. No utilities are included except water (and trash, if that counts), and there’s no off-street parking.

  • hillyeah

    maybe a little overpriced, but not by much.

    2 years ago, i was renting in an “aging” (to put it kindly) floor of a rowhouse (approx 800 sq ft) close to here that didn’t include parking or any utilities for $1800/month. if you wanted parking, it was an extra $200/month. and the outdoor space was shared with the frat house on the floors above me (who also never once took out or put back the shared trash bins, no, i’m not bitter!!)


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