• Joshua

    I had no idea Rock Creek Park had Jeep trails. Awesome.

    • Former Jeep Owner

      It ain’t a jeep unless you can wash it out with a hose. That ain’t no jeep.

      • Joshua

        *shakes head* Jeep people.

        • I believe they preferred to be called “jeeple.” They are proud, hose-washing folk, who seek to remove doors and roofs from their lives, but they fear of reasonable gas mileage. Of course, the jeeple would never be stopped by stupid culvert pipe unless it was big enough to drive a train through.

    • I was just following the GPS!!

  • Marty

    really hope that was kids taking a car for a joyride (and that no sane car owner would do that themselves.)

  • PetworthGuy

    You can try all you want, Chevy Equinox, but you’ll never be a jeep.

  • Truxton Thomas

    Is this the boyfriend who forgot to read the signs and got his girlfriend’s car towed after a measly eight minutes? D’oh!

    • womp

      lol +1

    • SWChick


  • NT

    I’d love to know where exactly in RCP this happened.

  • Anonymous

    This was off 16th street near Takoma. My husband was running and came across this scene and couldn’t believe what he saw or how deep they were into the park. Apparently, it was a young couple with the female driving. When my husband saw them the woman was on the phone trying to get assistance. My husband said he reacted with visible shock and the guy looked at my husband and said it was her idea.

    I have no idea how they will get that car out. Likely need a tractor? And, I’m assuming it will be expensive on top of the fines from the NPS.

    • Anonymous

      Also, this happened on Monday night. So they either left the car there and walked out or whoever they called for a tow determined it was too difficult to get it out that night

    • HaileUnlikely

      I imagine they must have entered the woods from Beach Drive. The terrain between 16th Street & Beach Drive is steep. No way they drove down into the woods from 16th without rolling down the hill, rolling over, and ending up upside down.

    • DCRunner

      Wow. “Idea” definitely means intentional, not “I’m really dumb and thought this was a road.”

      • dcd

        It’s hard to decide which is worse . . .

    • dcd

      “Apparently, it was a young couple with the female driving.”
      If I make the obvious, tired comment about women drivers, can I get myself appointed to the Uber Board of Directors?

  • Robert

    Typical US behavior. Must. Take. SUV. Everywhere.

    Oh, and apparently to shoot at members of congress one disagrees with, which also happened today.


    • Bobert

      Left US, but comments on a hyperlocal blog about something relatively trivial. Got it.

    • Q

      I thought that the problem with Americans was that we buy SUVs and only drive them around the suburbs. Jeez, it’s really hard to keep all of the reasons to hate my country straight. I need a cheat sheet.

    • madmonk28

      No one cares you left, or why.

    • vramin

      On the contrary, the problem with Americans is that we buy SUVs and then just use them for driving around the suburbs, when a station wagon would do just as well. At least this couple was trying to get some Utility out of their SUV!

  • Ally


    • PM

      Pretty clearly DC tags.

  • TonyC

    I came across this yesterday while on a run. It’s on the Valley Trail about 1/2 mile south of West Beach Drive. The driver had to go down a narrow trail and then up a hill with steps built into it. Plenty of opportunities along the way to say “this is a really bad idea. Let’s turn around.” Mountain bikes aren’t even allowed on that trail. Good luck winching the car outta there without tearing the undercarriage out.

  • jdh03

    To clarify, I also saw this vehicle on the back of a tow truck rolling up Georgia Avenue. The muffler was precariously hanging on to the vehicle. I felt a small amount of civic pride when I yelled “Hey, I saw that car on PoPville today!”


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