The Best Sandwich Place Opening Another Spot on I Street

by Prince Of Petworth June 11, 2017 at 10:22 pm 9 Comments

13th and I Street, NW

The Best Sandwich Shop opened at 1776 I St, NW back in 2014 (and Georgetown before that) and if you’re incredibly lazy, you’re in luck! I’m just kidding that is a legit far four blocks if you’re an office worker just looking for a quick bite. This spot is opening across from Franklin Square. I love the name – any fans of the other locations? You can see their sandwich menu here.

I Street looking west towards 14th Street

  • OldinAM

    The best sandwhich shop when I worked in the neighborhood was Steven’s Sandwich Shop. I was sad to hear a year or so ago that Steve had died and the shop closed. I loved his steak&cheese.

    • anon anom

      I really liked Steven’s Sandwich Shop and was sad it closed. Looking forward to see what TBSP has to offer.

  • mmmmm

    YUM!….buffalo chicken caesar salad!

  • Frank

    It’s ok. Salads are good. Hard to communicate with staff — wish the ordering system/customization was easier.

  • jpvt

    TBSP’s best location was at 1800 L St NW, maybe 5-10 years ago (the same building Nordstrom Rack is in now, and Borders, before that.) There was no sign on the door, and you had to walk down this nondescript, sterile white hallway past a Bank of America ATM deep into the bowels of the building. It was the oddest place for a sandwich place ever, but was always busy.

    Their smoked turkey & bacon sub is true decadence, I’m surprised I’m still alive to tell the story.

  • AMDCer

    I’ve been to the one in Washington Harbor – nice variety of choices and pleasant staff. Love some of their “melt” options!

  • Jesse Best

    That’s quite a lofty standard to meet with that name of “The Best Sandwich Shop.” Does this chain live up to its billing and how does it compare with other sandwich chains (e.g. Taylor Gourmet) and burger chains (e.g. Shake Shack) and Nandos Peri-Peri which has sandwiches on their menu.

    Also do salad chains like SweetGreen and Chopt offer sandwiches and wraps?

    • Anon5

      Their sandwiches are very good, or at least they were very good when they were located on L street.

      They aren’t really a chain, since this will be their second location. Nandos operates in 30 countries so they aren’t even remotely similar.

  • Llama

    I like the I Street location. I like the Buffalo Chicken Salad and it’s usually quick and easy to order. Sometimes I get breakfast as well there and while it’s not the most amazing place I’ve ever been too, I’ve never left unhappy and think it’s a reliable spot.


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