Argent replacing Kit & Ace in Shaw

by Prince Of Petworth June 15, 2017 at 10:05 pm 12 Comments

8th and Florida Ave, NW

“Dear PoPville,

I walked by The Shay today and saw that signs have gone up for Argent – a workwear store for women – in the former Kit & Ace space. They’ve already opened a pop-up shop around the corner on 9th above Ride. Glad to see the space won’t be sitting empty for long.”

  • SultanofShaw

    Obviously hope they find their market and do well, but wasn’t this “tactical workwear” what kit and ace was all about in the first place? Interesting to see that the replacement is of the same nature.

    Regardless, after kit and ace closed, I was trying to figure out what would “work” for me in this spot. It’s next to cava (incredible) and across the street from the new Capo deli (they’re figuring out some things, but the food is fantastic) – so another food place is out. I would have liked to see something a little more sensibly priced like Frank and Oak across the street. Have to think a company like Charles Tyrwhitt opening up another DC location would’ve done well.

    • ET

      I went to Tiger/Flying Tiger in UK and loved it so wonder if a store like would do well. A reasonably priced grab bag of things to buy. The stock turns over and there is a lot of it.


    • Hill Denizen

      I don’t think Kit + Ace was really work wear. It was kind of athleisure, kind of just leisure. I think in DC there’s definitely a market for more professional options, but this doesn’t really offer anything unique. It just looks overpriced and ill-fitting. M.M. LaFleur just opened up and I think something like that, expensive but classic and high quality, has a better chance. Something similar with maybe some unique and out of the box touches would be a better fit than this.

  • LittleBluePenguin

    “Argent” – “money”(and/or “silver”) in French. Hmmm….is this a not-so-subtle indication that this place is chi-chi?

  • hopeful?

    I know that bashing on Kit and Ace is easy, but I absolutely love the few items I purchased from them. I admit the following, though: some of their stuff is really bizarre, their prices are pretty high for what they are peddling, and yes, “tactical workwear” is kind of a silly word and a ridiculous concept. I am cautiously optimistic about this store.

    • Nathan

      Yeah they had some nice stuff. Super comfortable and nice looking. Shopped there before a trip to Iceland and what I purchased is some of my favorite clothing for the winter.

  • Crazyquilt

    “Tactical Workwear”??? Is this an Army/Navy surplus store?

  • LMFB

    Glad something new and promising is going in this space. I must say though, I already miss Kit + Ace’s work pants that were basically yoga pants.

  • uppermostnorthwest

    I find it interesting that the failure of a store like Kit and Ace, which had a similar concept to Argent, was not a red flag for the company. Just one expensive niche store to the next I guess.

  • Anon. no. 5

    Don’t forget it wasn’t a local shut down of this Kit+Ace store, it was a nation-wide closing of most (if not all?) their US brick and mortar stores. I have no idea if this Kit+Ace store was making tons or no money at all, but the blame of closing this store isn’t in the local market.

    Also chuckling at the phrase “tactical work wear”

    • Nathan

      Yeah all closed. They exited B&M retail.

  • LedroitTigah

    I love their stuff. The price point is pretty high, but the quality is on point.


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