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Kit and Ace closes DC Locations

by Prince Of Petworth April 27, 2017 at 3:40 pm 15 Comments

From Kit and Ace’s coming soon sign campaign in Shaw

Looks like you’ll have to find your technical cashmere attire elsewhere. Washingtonian reports:

“Kit and Ace, the luxury-basics fashion brand founded by the family of Lululemon’s founder, announced today that all three of its Washington-area locations closed Wednesday at 12:30 PM. The company is reportedly closing all of its US locations, including showrooms on both M Street and 8th Street in DC, as well as its Bethesda Row storefront.”

  • FridayGirl

    Didn’t they just open like a year or two ago in Shaw? That was short-lived.

  • Jay

    But where I will I buy a $200 cashmere gym shirt now ?!?!?!

  • Rich

    Probably a hobby for some Lululemon idiot son-in-law. Cashmere isn’t exactly a 4-season item in this climate.

    • Anon

      Actually it is – cashmere (extra-fine wool) is an incredibly versatile, well-breathing fiber that rivals/surpasses most synthetic approximations. There are various different weights of cashmere, a feather-weight cashmere shirt would work well in high humidity.
      It’s only downsides are durability (the fibers are incredibly fine, though higher quality cashmere can also be very durable) and cost, which is often very absurd.

    • Ross

      Actually it was the father, Larry Lemon who was responsible for this venture, named after two of his grandchildren. The yoga wear formula seems to be working well, though the men’s line hasn’t been handled very well.

      • Hill Denizen

        I thought it was the son and the wife who were running this…funded by the dad.

  • CP

    I get that I am likely in the minority, but I really like their shirts. No, I do not spend $100+ on every shirt I own, but I will say I wore the shirt I bought from them on nearly a dozen long-haul flights last year- and they were super comfortable for 20+ hours straight. They actually do well with different temperatures and don’t show badly if you get sweaty from running across an airport to make a flight. So for traveling me, this is a bummer.

    • Bob

      Agreed. I have a pair of their pants, and love em. I bought them specifically for the purpose of traveling but wear them weekly. I have been meaning to stop back to get another pair. Too late, I guess.

      • Anon

        I’m going to be watching their clearance section online like a hawk – I’m guessing that they’re folding soon and will need to liquidate stock.

        • Anonymous

          The stuff will probably end up on Nordstrom Rack. Look there too.

  • That One Guy

    I hope the people who worked at these stores are able to find work quickly; hopefully they are folded into Lulu.

    • Rich

      They’re unrelated companies beyond the family connection and the guy who founded both companies has been marginalized by Lululemon management as a crank, so I doubt he can help anyone.

  • LedroitTigah

    oh! interesting. And, yes, FridayGirl, they just opened in Shaw late last year I want to say!

    Am super curious what retailer comes in that space next. The shaw location was pretty empty (too expensive!!!)

    Maybe our new poll should be what retailer should go in its place in north end shaw? :) It has to be something sort of edgy to fit the overall vibe theyre trying to have there. maybe like a club Monaco?

    • neighbor

      Probably a Five Below?

      • Jay

        What about a Strawberry? Anyone ever go into one of those in NYC. Its a trashier Forever 21. I would LOVE to see that go into the Kit and Ace space. I mean where else in DC could you get a faux fur floor-length sleeveless hoodie?


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