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  • DCLiving

    MICHAEL KELLY! I thought they filmed HOC in Baltimore though. Looks like filming since he’s wearing a wedding band. This is awesome.

    • Bobert

      Some scenes are filmed in DC if they need major landmarks as backdrops.

  • PetworthPanda


  • Anon

    I’ve seen Spacey out a few times when he was here filming House of Cards. Realllllllyyyy strange dude- won’t get into specifics but it was hilarious/bizarre. Sort of a running jokes amongst my buddies now.

    • Bloomy

      haha, I had a… unique… experience as well!

  • BethesdaGal

    Looks like the are hyping up the release of the next season which I believe comes out of 5/31.


  • indieavese

    If you follow Obama’s former official photographer on Instagram, Pete Souza, he’s been spending the day photographing the “president” around town all day.

  • John

    They film primarily on a sound stage up north of Baltimore. But for exterior scenes they do film in either Baltimore, DC or sometimes Annapolis. Maryland makes a ton of money off the tax revenue from HOC being entirely shot in the state.


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