Today’s Rental “abounds with comfort and convenience”

by Prince Of Petworth May 2, 2017 at 2:15 pm 18 Comments

1445 Ogden Street NW

This rental is located at 1445 Ogden Street, NW. The craigslist ad says:



Tivoli Gardens Apartments abound with comfort and convenience, all in a welcoming courtyard setting, is located in the exciting Columbia Heights neighborhood. The charming art deco exterior gives way to an updated interior that has everything you need for easy living.

Enjoy the convenience of close proximity to the Metrobus and the Columbia Heights Metro (green line), as well as to theaters, restaurants, and retail stores.

Apartment Features:

*Upgraded Bathrooms

*Upgraded Kitchens

*Wood Flooring

*Ceiling Fans

*Most Utilities Included

Community Amenities:

*Fitness Center

*Intercom System

*Package Receiving

*Coin Free Laundry Center On Site

*24-hour Emergency Maintenance

*On Site Management”

  • annonymous

    I’ve lived here for years. How is this rent $50 than what I pay? :(

    • annonymous

      $50 less than what I pay. I’m tempted to call the leasing office.

      • Anon

        Difficult unit to rent maybe? On the same floor of my friend’s place there’s a renter who is constantly yelling in their apartment. I can’t imagine what it would be like to live next to them and I wonder if the units nearby are in constant rotation as a result.

        • annonymous

          Maybe. It’s not the best building and they’ve sunk money into “renovating” the lobby when they should be better about exterminating. Still, it can be hard to beat my rent of $1,338 (which is which I repeat to myself as I apply the boric acid).

  • anon3

    I’ve lived here since December. Overall happy with the building, and parrot that this rental amount is pretty inexpensive. One thing that bugs me is that the front office (and thus package room) is only open from about 10-6 during the week and 10-3 on Saturdays. It can make it nearly impossible to get your packages if you have anything like a traditional work schedule and then leave town on the weekends. I’ve asked them to consider staying open later one night a week, but they will not. Also worth noting the “Craxxon” right around the corner – 14th & Otis – has people doing goodness knows what drugs in front of it at all times of day. I’ve never felt unsafe but it is not pleasant to walk by.

    As far as why this unit is so inexpensive- maybe it shares a wall with that person on the first floor who is never. not. smoking. weed.

    • annonymous

      Hi neighbor! Agree with you on all of that. I call the person on the first floor Wakey Bakey. I’ve gone running at 6am and the weed’s been fired up.

      • bean

        I’m in the market and this looks like a good deal despite the neighbors you’ve mentioned. Yelp reviews mention roach and bed bug problems, also malfunctioning washers and dryers. Have you guys noticed the same?

        • annonymous

          The bug situation is never 100% solved, but it’s gotten a lot better at my place since I started using traps and chemicals myself. As for bed bugs – I haven’t heard of any, but it’s a 100 unit building. It does happen. For the washer/dryers, yeah there are some that sometimes flood and are unusable, and they don’t seem in a hurry to replace it. You’re basically getting what you’re paying for – a nice place that’s indifferently managed. It’s fine, but it’s not amazing. But amazing can be expensive.

          • Anonynon

            I feel like id rather get a roommate or live in a less diserable location than all the ‘cons’ of this place.

        • sandyp92

          Hi Bean, I listed my review below of the place. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out.

  • Anon3

    Agreed with all of the above, but pests are going to be part of any city apartment. And I think management is actually pretty responsive- you can put in a maintenance request online and it’s always been taken care of the same day. That includes when I needed a new fridge. Plus I really love the lay out of my studio- it’s so open and bright and the closet is GINORMOUS. The breakfast bar in the kitchen makes up for a lot in a studio. And, it’s an old building with thick walls- I can only ever hear my neighbors in the hallway (though I am on the top floor).

    • annonymous

      Totally true. I can’t hear my neighbors at all, and I don’t feel crowded at all in my place.

    • Jay

      I lived in my old apartment for a little over 8.5 years and we never had a pest problem… (and the craigslist ad was recently renewed, so it’s probably still available!)

      • FridayGirl

        +1. Neither of my DC apartments (nor my places in other cities) have ever had a pest problem. It’s definitely not a given.

    • textdoc

      “pests are going to be part of any city apartment” — Disagreed. Pests aren’t uncommon, but a competent management company should be able to keep them in check.

    • AdMoKalTri

      Count me as another vote for never having pest issues. I lived in my last apartment (a rental) for more than 7 years and saw only the occasional basic bug (earwig or small spider type bugs). I moved out only because I bought a condo, and our HOA is extremely aggressive about managing any pest problem before it begins – pest control comes out every other month. Both places were great values, too.

  • sandyp92

    I lived here for over a year now, and while the rent is great and the apartment is close to many things. The building, management, and overall safety of the area is not worth it. I live in the Otis building, and there are tons of sketchy things happening on a daily basis. It is not safe walking down the street at night due to the creepy gas station. As well as creepy men standing outside the building constantly harassing women. I’ve dealt with bed bugs twice, and now roaches. Management is very quick to respond to things, but the exterminators they use only temporarily solves the problems so I switched to home remedies that seem to work. Overall, my studio is super nice and spacious, but the location and safety has me moving to another place soon. I pay $1150, so with the rent increase it is not worth it to live here, especially as a woman.

  • annonymous17

    I live in Otis with my boyfriend. We’ve been here for two years. We’ve had roaches, which they treat on the regular, however, recently we found a bed bug in our apartment. We furiously checked our bed and furniture–with no sign of infestation. We began treating the apartment ourselves with at-home remedies and notified management. A few days later after the initial sighting and beginnings of treatments, when taking out the recycling, I noticed that someone had thrown out a mattress and guess what it was covered with–bed bugs. We took pictures and sent to management to show that there’s a greater problem and that it’s not just us, and their response was essentially, “it happens.” We got the heat treatment and felt fairly good about results. Well, just tonight we found another bug climbing the walls. We’re out of here. It’s a problem with the building and not us and it’s no way to live.


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