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“Thor, now back home, safe and sound”

by Prince Of Petworth May 1, 2017 at 12:55 pm 9 Comments

ok pup

“Dear PoPville,

Early yesterday afternoon [Thursday] I was walking my four dogs around Cap Hill near Lincoln Park when the leash unclasped out of the blue and my Chihuahua mix, Thor, ran off.

After taking off at full speed into East Capitol Street at the park he was hit by a car and caused me, and probably everyone watching in horror, a great deal of panic. It looked just awful, and he immediately dashed off from the street and out of sight.

Amazingly, he ended up running all the way home (a few blocks from the park; to our house where we have only been a few weeks!)

Since he ran off, no one at the scene knew the outcome of the situation and I didn’t get a chance to properly thank the incredibly kind biker that held on to my other three dogs while I desperately chased Thor. I also hope the poor driver of the car somehow gets the word that the dog is ok, and miraculously suffered no injuries (other than some slightly scraped paws).

My most sincere thanks to everyone who tried to herd the dog out of the street and especially to the amazing guy on the bike! I was scared out of my mind and I don’t know what I would have done without the assistance of these kind strangers.

I have ordered some secure screw-clasp leashes and will be reinforcing the “come” command about a hundred times a day from now on.

  • lizcolleena

    Glad to hear Thor made it home and sorry this happened to you. Just a suggestion – our trainer said not to use the word “come” to beckon our pup as it’s too common and they can get desensitized. We say “touch” instead, but growing up my dad used “back” as a replacement for “fetch” so I think you can do it with just about anything. May want to inquire with a dog trainer about training for dogs (vs puppies) though. Good luck!

    • Wendy Testaburger

      I am so relieved to hear Thor was not seriously hurt. He was incredibly lucky. I’m sure your heart sunk watching it and seeing him disappear, but it was just not his time!

      I second the “touch” command. I think it’s easier to teach than come (just put a treat in your closed fist or in between your fingers. The key is to get them to do it at the dog park or with a commotion going on. Plus, it works for a number of situations.

    • crazydoglady#1

      also glad to hear that thor is safe! RE teaching come/recall, it’s really hard to teach recall to a command that is already broken (i.e., he doesn’t come when you say come). pick a new word, doesn’t matter what it is, and teach recall to that new, unbroken command. practice in low distraction environments to start with and gradually increase the distance/level of distraction. you can “charge” the command to start with by saying the new command and treating with extremely high value treats. repeat, repeat, repeat. slowly add in distance and distraction and always reward. soon you should be able to call the command in your house/yard and your dog should come thundering to you from wherever they are b/c they know they’re going to get amazing, fabulous, delicious, fantastic stuff. practice ad nauseum. enjoy! and never punish a dog when they respond to recall.

  • Anon NS

    I love the 1 ear up, like “who? me?”

  • Brooklyn Brawler

    Happy this turned out well.

  • Smittty

    So happy you both survived! I can’t even imagine the terror of seeing your dog get hit! I think I would just die! little guy is a trooper.

  • c

    Good idea to update people on the situation– I know that if I had been on the scene, I would have been worried about that pup (and you, of course) all day!

  • wpk_dc

    So glad Thor’s home, safe and sound.

  • Ally

    So glad he’s okay! And after all that, you deserve one or three glasses of wine. That must have been so scary.


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