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  • hungeegirl

    The S1 has always been a nightmare north of K st. Nothing new.

    • Leeran

      That’s been my experience too… (A+ photo choice.)

  • I shamefully LOL’d at that second photo

    • textdoc

      Me too. How did that even happen??

  • Rich

    This is a very old problem–it was a problem when I used it regularly in the 90s. It’s been a problem on the rare occasion I’ve taken the S buses on a week day. It probably was a problem pre-Metro. The traffic on 16th and other major arterials is not always predictable. Getting rid of on street parking in major choke points would help.

    • Captian Obvious

      +1 regarding the on-street parking. Like it or not, 16th is a major arterial road, not a leafy residential side street.

      Do that and build some turnouts for the buses where it is possible to do so (you could do it in more places than you might think) and I bet both the traffic and the bus reliability would improve.

  • Tim

    I take the S1 everyday. It’s totally unpredictable. Sometimes service is great, other times there are 25-30 min between buses at the height of rush hour. My recommendation is to download the “Transit” app; it shows buses on a map in real time. It’s helped take the mystery out of the schedule and you’ll know for sure whether a bus is coming or not.

  • FridayGirl

    YES! This! I have complained for a few weeks now. There were similar issues last spring when they rotated the drivers, and I complained for a good two months then but it still took an entire season to resolve itself. The morning has been particularly bad (between 7-7:30).

    • FridayGirl

      (Also I agree with the people above that it’s been bad but I’ve noticed it’s been even worse than usual…)

  • miacane

    I wouldn’t ever rely on a bus schedule in any city, especially during rush hour. Download the Transit app (or CityMapper, or your other app of choice) and just check the real time arrival info.

    • L.

      And even those aren’t 100 percent. Just this weekend I waited a full 30 minutes for the 90 bus in Adams Morgan while the whole time my app said it was 10 minutes away. I wanted to leave but kept thinking I would kick myself if I saw it rolling around the corner immediately after. Maddening.

      • FridayGirl

        When they sit like that it’s because the driver should have left and didn’t. The bus is sitting at the end of the line.

  • L.

    X2 rider here, frankly mystified that ANY city bus ever arrived as scheduled. WMATA’s approach seems to be “the bus will come when it comes, and screw you for needing to be somewhere by 9.”

  • ArMan

    I work on 22nd St in Foggy Bottom and generally will just take an S2 or S4 if it arrives before the S1 and walk to work from 16th and K.

    • SaraEP


  • Ross

    What’s up with the Circulator buses? They were so convenient and clean when I last used them regularly years ago. Now that I’m using the Woodley-MacPherson to get around, my opinion has changed. Half the buses don’t seem to have working A/C, the seats are really filthy, I actually had antifreeze dripping from the ceiling onto my head a few weeks ago, they’re usually more like 20-30 minutes apart instead of 10, and there doesn’t seem to be any real time tracking available. From what I can tell, all the apps rely on schedule data instead of GPS tracking.

    • Michelle

      Unfortunately when government grows a small program to a bigger one the quality often goes down fast and hard.

    • INWDC

      Omg, the AC on circulator buses is awful (pretty much nonexistent). Whoever at DOT ordered these buses should be canned. In a place that gets ridiculously hot and humid it’s amazing this was something they didn’t plan for. Van Hool is the manufacturer of the buses and either it failed spectacularly with air conditioning, or DOT didn’t pony-up for an AC system appropriate for this swampy climate.

      • Anonthony

        The original fleet of Circulator buses was placed into service without any air conditioning at all. I can’t really understand how someone thought that was going to work in DC. They were retrofitted with a/c, but it was never adequate. These buses are about 12 years old which is ancient for city buses, and they were supposed to be replaced in 2015. I’m not sure why they’re still in service; some of them are in really rough shape.

  • Marjorie Harrison

    What’s with the picture of the bus accident? When and where did that happen?

  • SaraEP

    I remember speaking to a driver about this and was told that a supervisor needs to be on site to release the buses for the morning. If there is any delay in the supervisor arriving, it screws things up, bus schedule timing-wise, basically for the entire day. Not sure if this is true.

    • Leeran

      This is so nonsensical it’s possibly WMATA policy :/

      • FridayGirl

        Ugh! I agree!


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