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  • Anonthony

    Bad driving in the area knows no political boundaries.

  • Anon NS

    For the life of me, I don’t understand how you flip a car on a city street. I would think that would be impossible. From skid mark, it looks like they turned hard…into parked cars? I don’t get it.

    • PetworthGuy

      Was wondering the same thing. My best guess is someone was trying to act like a badass or show off, and tried to drift/fishtail. Probably pulled the e-brake and cut the wheel without enough speed or momentum to actually skid, and instead flipped it.

      • MadMax

        Based on the people I saw on the sidewalk, I find that scenario unlikely (although I was wondering as well how the hell they even did this). My best guess, since this is just down the street from a school, is that the driver was going well above the speed limit here and slammed on brakes to avoid a child who may have been going into the street, causing the vehicle to fishtail and flip. Thankfully it didn’t look as though anyone was seriously injured.

        • LNontheHill

          You’d have to have seriously hit the gas (for no good reason) to work up substantial speed on this one-block span between two all-way stops. Not saying someone didn’t do it, but you’d be limited to half a block of acceleration, and then you’d have to slam the brakes for the stop sign anyway.

          • JS

            You’ve just described the way a substantial number of drivers operate in my part of town.

          • MadMax

            Yeah I know it seems unlikely, I just couldn’t guess any other way you flip a car like this on a street like this. You almost have to try and even then it would still be hard. I was surprised there wasn’t more damage to nearby cars.

          • Tsar of Truxton

            You assume that the person speeding is also obeying stop signs. Perhaps they blew the stop sign or “rolled” through it. I see people blow through stop signs, and even lights near me when there is no traffic.

        • HaileUnlikely

          Did any other vehicles in the area have any visible damage? My best guess is that this vehicle clipped another vehicle (or something else, though options for “something else” are few and far between when cars are parked all along the curb) and the speed and geometry were just right to do this. I’d be extremely surprised if this is confirmed to have happened without the vehicle having struck/grazed/bumped something else first.

          • MadMax

            Aside from the ones it’s touching, none that I could tell.

    • JS

      It doesn’t take much speed at all: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0sbNBZvSx_A

  • John

    How does that even happen?

    • HaileUnlikely

      A vehicle suspension system is a complicated thing that can sometimes produce unanticipated outcomes when the vehicle does things that it was not designed for.

  • anon

    Any other info on what happened and if anyone got hurt? I passed the scene shortly after emergency vehicles arrived, I overheard folks standing by say something about people on the sidewalk who weren’t’ moving. I don’t like to rubberneck at accidents so I moved on quickly without finding out what happened.

  • emdash

    I walked by it around 9:30 or so, was still on its side but the scene was much more low-key. Looked like there was very little damage to the flipped car, except for the side it landed on. I didn’t see any damage to nearby vehicles. I’m assuming the person in the car was okay, because it looked like someone had grabbed a bag or something out of the trunk.

  • textdoc

    That’s a regular sedan, right, not an SUV? (My understanding is that SUVs flip much more easily.)

    • Dan

      2012-2015 Ford Focus sedan.

  • OGJinDC

    Driver fell asleep while taking her daughter to school, swerved hard left, t-boned a parked car and rolled. Neighbors got the two out of the car very quickly and moved them to the sidewalk. Police, fire, and ambulance showed up pretty quickly. Luckily neither the daughter nor driver seemed to be hurt, just shaken up.


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