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  • oneida

    oh, man. the all-you-can-eat lunch buffet will always be a point of nostalgia and joy. i hope it’s still around with the new name.

  • C

    I went for the first time in a long while a few weeks ago. They had remodeled the buffet area and it seemed as though there was slightly less selection, but it was still tasty. The name hadn’t changed yet, so it had to have been sometime in the last three weeks or so.

    I remember when the lunch buffet was $9… I miss those days.

    • Truxton Thomas

      I need to get back there. It’s always delivered.

    • AnonPetworth

      I went 6 weeks ago and the sign outside had already changed, but it was still the same menu and a CC swipe still showed up at Mayur Kabob.

      • C

        Yikes, maybe I completely missed the sign because I was definitely there more recently than six weeks ago.

  • Craig

    The ownership changed in 2013, but the name change in honor of the owner’s mother Hellenes with the new year. So nothing has changed otherwise.

    There’s an article about the restaurant and its owner Kazi Mannan who sounds like a good philanthropist toward the homeless:


    • Craig

      “Hellenes” was a weird autocorrect for “happened”. The owner’s mother’s name is Sakina, obviously.

  • Ron
  • anon

    Loved the lunch buffet when I worked closer to here. Hope it is still good under the new name!

  • Jay

    Huh… I’ve received three emailed coupons from them in the last two weeks where they were identified as Mayur Kabab House. I still go occasionally, but that lunch buffet used to be a weekly pilgrimage, especially when it was $9…

    • Craig

      I suspect they contract out their email advertising, and that it’s just cheaper to accept coupons with the old version of the name than to pay to have the email changed.

  • zipdc

    Thank you for the close-ups of the faces! Love those.

  • SinDC

    I recently went for the lunch buffet– the newly remodeled space looks much nicer and the owner was quite friendly when I went up to pay. The food was satisfying as well. I was skeptical about the owner’s commitment to serving the homeless (was it just PR?), but while I was there I saw his staff serve a homeless woman. Happy to patronize this place knowing that they feed the needy (and the coupons don’t hurt!).

    • Jngeaz

      That is ! Thumbs up thumbs up!

  • Ghengiz Ken

    I spoke to the owner a couple weeks ago and was told that the chef/kitchen staff is staying the same. As long as they don’t get rid of the Karahi.

  • Jngeaz

    Awesome place. I hope they continue to do great.


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