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UPDATE: SparkFund moves into old Stroga space in Adams Morgan

1808 Adams Mill Rd, NW


“Our company, SparkFund, moved in May 1. We help organizations access efficient energy technology, like LED lights and controls, and currently have about 40 employees.”

Dear PoPville,

What is happening with the old Stroga space in Adams Morgan?

I’m seeing lights on (long neon rod lights on the second floor) and people in the upstairs part with a sign noting packages should go to the 2nd floor.

Any leads would be great- I miss Stroga but am not sure what will fill that beautiful space next.”

Another reader writes:

“Looks like an office renovation at the old STROGA space. Maybe a co-working office? Seems like that might be a good fit.”

Think a co-working space would do well here? STAY TUNED.


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