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  • IM SO EXCITED! I drive to Rockville or Eden Center every weekend for Kung Fu Tea. This is awesome!!!

  • Yessssssssssssss!

  • Good if you like bubble tea with powdered milk, hence the need for the shaking machine. Most of the Vietnamese boba shops in Falls Church/Annandale use real milk, but scenesters from Ohio will probably still brag on and on about KFT.

    • If you want to drive out to VA every time you want boba be my guest, but don’t ruin it for everyone else. (Also Boba is usually Taiwanese so the argument could be made that those Vietnamese places aren’t legit, either.)

    • That One Guy

      Seeing as there aren’t an overwhelming number of bubble tea places it seems misguided to argue about authenticity. You get what you can and if it tastes good, it tastes good.

  • KFT uses powered milk, non-chain places in Eden Center and Rockville don’t.

  • Quotia Zelda

    Kung Fu Tea is my life.

  • SO EXCITED!!!!!

  • Hooray for Kung Fu Tea coming to the district! I wish it was coming somewhere closer to the center of the city, but beggars can’t be choosers.

    • george

      Exactly. It’s such a pain to go out to Georgetown from every other place in the city….save for Rosslyn via Key Bridge. I live in NE and I think I’ll still go to the one in Eden Center over this location.