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“The cat seems to be people friendly and does not seem to stray too far from the property.”

by Prince Of Petworth May 10, 2017 at 11:45 am 16 Comments


Thanks to all the residents who passed on word from Atlantic Plumbing:

“We’ve been recently informed there is a wandering cat walking around the neighborhood. The cat seems to be people friendly and does not seem to stray too far from the property. The cat is dark tan and brown color, it is currently in the Cherry Blossom art studio located in the ground floor retail of Atlantic Plumbing

Attached are photos of the missing cat, should you be missing this cat and belongs to you please do not hesitate to contact us at Atlantic Plumbing Leasing Office 202-518-0795 or Cherry Blossom 202-319-2979, Torie or Devon are able to assist. If anyone knows the owner or any additional information contact the proper authorities.”

  • Chelsea

    I think this is the same cat I posted about a few months ago! Thank you for taking it in. I usually see it around 13th & V Street NW

    (For reference: https://www.popville.com/forums/topic/cat-near-u-street-nw/ )

  • Shaw

    Other pictures sent by the Atlantic Plumbing staff show a clipped ear. Newest outdoor resident moving into the neighborhood.

    • saf

      Yep, if she has a clipped ear tip, she’s a feral who’s been TNRed. She probably has no people.

      • Emmaleigh504

        Not necessarily. My cat has a clipped ear tip.

      • CVR

        Emmaleigh504 is correct. An ear tip doesn’t always denote the cat is a community cat. My current foster kitty has an ear tip and he will be an indoor cat for the rest of his life once he’s adopted. For clarification this is not a feral cat if she’s friendly. Feral cats are terrified of people and won’t come near us. She’s a stray if she’s friendly. As the commenters said below, please call HRA at 202-576-6664 so that if she’s chipped they can scan her for a chip. They can also assess her medically and behaviorally and see if she can be adopted if you would like.

        • Hill Denizen

          Also feral cats can with time become comfortable around people (my mom has feral cats in her backyard and one is even so comfortable with her, he’ll rub all over her leg and even walk in the house when he feels like it). There’s no reason they can’t be taken in and adopted if that’s the case.

          • saf

            Agreed. I have a porch full of feral torties. They have been here for more than 10 years at this point. They started out terrified of us. We trapped them and had them fixed.
            Now, we can pet them (although nobody else can), but they still will not come inside no matter what we do. If this one will, it may be a feral who adjusted to people, or a stray that got TNRed but isn’t really feral.
            So I should have said that the ear tip means that at some point, the cat went through a TNR program.

  • DC212

    I live at the Floridian right around the corner and have seen this cat for probably the past 4 months at least…

  • DB

    call humane rescue alliance on NY Ave at (202) 576-6664

  • Rhapsody Resident

    I live in the building behind American Ice Company (Vermont & V St), in a unit facing the active construction site on Florida Ave. I see this cat fairly frequently roaming Florida Ave or puttering around the construction site after hours. Can’t say for sure, but I don’t think it’s ‘lost.’

  • JH

    Congrats on your new shop cat! You should check for a micro chip, but you probably have a friendly feral on your hands. Give her shelter and food and she will take care of any pests or rodents for you – a fair trade! Plus, purrs and looking cute.

    Call Humane Rescue Alliance on NY Ave at (202) 576-6664 about checking her for a chip and if she is ear tipped, she has been fixed as part of TNR. If not fixed, there is low cost spay and neuter available through Humane Rescue Alliance.

    • DCbyDay

      haha my first thought was “New Studio Cat!”

      • textdoc


  • Elvis’s Mom

    Long shot, but for those of you who remember the “Marriott Cats” who were relocated last year due to the construction at 9th and L, there was one who we never caught. She was an older tortie. If anyone has better photos, Dan can give you my email address. I would love to know she was doing OK. Thanks.


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