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  • b

    Home Depot has sections of imitation wrought iron fencing (I think they are aluminum). They’re pretty light weight and easy to install, and you can buy a matching gate, too. About 3 ft tall. I used them to section off the garden at the back of my rowhouse yard and it works great at keeping the dogs out (and looks much better than chicken wire!).

  • Anon

    No ideas for a physical fence but I’d avoid an invisible one – dogs often run through them and they’re not as secure as people believe (I know the photo is an editorial choice but just chiming in!)

    • BRP

      echoing this – while you might hear anecdotal success stories, Invisible Fences are generally *not* recommended by vets, trainers, or other professionals. Dogs can absolutely go through them, especially if they have a high prey drive (or other motivation). The OP makes it sound like s/he just wants a fence to protect plants, but it’s also worth noting that Invisible Fences don’t keep anything out, which can turn into a safety concern if an aggressive dog comes into your dogs’ space.

  • PetworthGuy

    Depending on the size of your dogs, you could also try some thin chicken wire from Home Depot. They are usually around 4 ft tall and are very lightweight and flexible.

  • anonymouse_dianne

    What kind of dogs? Terriers will defeat any type of just-stuck-in-the-ground fencing. Also second the feelings about invisible fences. WARL would not adopt out to anyone having an invisible fence. Friend and co-worker had one, and he mostly got calls from the neighbors to let him know that Bandit was out loose.

  • Ericka

    I would love to hear additional suggestions regarding this question. We have a hound who recently climbed a 6ft wooden fence while boarding in Maryland. As we were in the process of building a new fence prior to this incident, we’ve considered also installing an invisible fence at the fence line. DC doesn’t allow fences to be built much higher and we would love for our pup to be out in the backyard from time to time.

  • RailayCat

    I’m going to go pro-invisible fence here for a minute. My Dalmatian growing up had one and while he did break through it every now and then, especially as he aged, it did work wonders. I have a spaniel now and have used the invisible fence very successfully to keep him contained on my front porch and also to prevent him from bolting when the garage door opens. Shameless plug: I actually have two the units in hand since moving and am looking to sell them. It’s really pretty easy – looks like a rock, you just dig a track for the wire, and presto, you have a fence. The “rock” units are preferable for smaller areas where you don’t need an entire yard contained. At present I use a unit designed for the indoors to keep said Spaniel from snacking on cat food and litter box treats. Training can be a pain, but I’ve really found them to have made my life as a pet owner far more relaxed!


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