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Car Wreck Becomes a Train Wreck and I Fear an Oil Tanker Wreck Next

by Prince Of Petworth May 15, 2017 at 12:30 pm 38 Comments

rear 910 M Street, NW

This is Washington DC for Christ’s sake – is there a professional mediator in the house?!?!?

For those unfamiliar with the situation you can see some background here and here.

I shall cease my editorializing about this situation aside from the fact that this is not good. Not good at all. On all fronts. This is getting out of control.

glass sign

“Dear PoPville,

Guess who’s back, this time with a big middle finger spray painted on the wall.

So he cleaned up for a bit, but then lately he has been back to his normal self. What annoys me most are all of the broken bottles that he leaves throughout the alley.

So on Friday, I printed up a label and put it on both of the doors, “Clean up your broken glass”.

Yesterday there was more broken glass, so I swept it all up, along with the corks, the eggshells, the cans and whatever other shit he had laying around and moved it from the back of his business to the front porch of Corduroy.

I did notice that he sent a busboy out there to clean up some yesterday, but really a middle finger instead of just taking responsibility for being a slob?”

Ed. Note: I don’t necessarily think the owner would spray paint a finger on his back wall, why not just post another sign? Maybe time to call the cops back before this spirals even worse. Hell at the very least – time to bust out the video cameras.

get the cops back


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