Car Wreck Becomes a Train Wreck and I Fear an Oil Tanker Wreck Next

rear 910 M Street, NW

This is Washington DC for Christ’s sake – is there a professional mediator in the house?!?!?

For those unfamiliar with the situation you can see some background here and here.

I shall cease my editorializing about this situation aside from the fact that this is not good. Not good at all. On all fronts. This is getting out of control.

glass sign

“Dear PoPville,

Guess who’s back, this time with a big middle finger spray painted on the wall.

So he cleaned up for a bit, but then lately he has been back to his normal self. What annoys me most are all of the broken bottles that he leaves throughout the alley.

So on Friday, I printed up a label and put it on both of the doors, “Clean up your broken glass”.

Yesterday there was more broken glass, so I swept it all up, along with the corks, the eggshells, the cans and whatever other shit he had laying around and moved it from the back of his business to the front porch of Corduroy.

I did notice that he sent a busboy out there to clean up some yesterday, but really a middle finger instead of just taking responsibility for being a slob?”

Ed. Note: I don’t necessarily think the owner would spray paint a finger on his back wall, why not just post another sign? Maybe time to call the cops back before this spirals even worse. Hell at the very least – time to bust out the video cameras.

get the cops back

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  • I bet someone else threw the bottles there.

  • At this point these neighbors are being very petty/borderline harassing. If you go through the trouble of cleaning it up- why not just dump it vs putting it out front the the business- otherwise leave it be and if it doesn’t get cleaned up in a reasonable time–report them. I can’t tell you how many times after trash collection in my alley there are bunch of broken bottles and remnants of trash that spilled out while being handled by the collectors.

  • This is 100% the neigbor’s issues. They seem childish, petty, and insanely easily offended. It’s sad that there are such kids that live amongst us. Siding with the restaurant on this one, as I have from day one.

    • Good. You can make up for my lost business. Any business owner that responds to a dispute in such a petty and prolonged matter–whether the complaint is valid or not, childish or not, or whatever–isn’t someone I want to do business with.

  • That hand drawing is pretty weaksauce. What is happening with the index finger?

  • Wow — Tom Siestma loves this place. I’d never eat there now — make sure the alley’s clean every day!

  • Ok guys, chill the F out.

    This passive aggressive BS is ridiculously immature. Worrying about beer bottles behind a bar is so far down the scale of importance that it is just comical.

    Move away, or grow up.

    I am not a spokesperson for bars, I avoid many of them, but I am siding with them against this silly attention grabbing.

    • Except it is the owners of the restaurant who have been doing a *lot* of the silly attention grabbing–from the weird (and sexist) signs to the middle finger drawing.

    • +100000

      I’d love to know the age of the residents. Based on petty behavior, I’d guess they 12, maybe 13 years old? Didn’t know someone so young could sign a lease in DC.

  • Enough! Shut down this guy’s restaurant and outright banish the neighbor from ever setting foot in DC again. Problem solved.

  • Wait – we are assuming that broken bottles strewn around the restaurant’s rear and a middle finger painted on the back wall of the restaurant are the work of the restaurant owner? I would have assumed that someone angry with the restaurant was responsible, but apparently I am very confused.

  • As hard as I’ve been on Corduroy about the squabble, I’m beginning to wonder. I highly doubt the restaurant would paint a middle finger on its own wall. And I’m sorry, but that might be the least amount of broken glass in the history of D.C. alleys. Does the OP hang out in that dumpster area enough to warrant such concern? This is a Type A town, but good lord move on.

  • Yeah, immature behavior from all sides, it appears. Someone has to be the bigger person ASAP. It’s completely unflattering to the business to participate in this (I already decided not to patronize it based on prior behavior). And while there is evidently a history of lax alley cleanup and associated issues, I agree with others that it’s very possible the shattered bottles are from another source, and passive aggressive posted notes and dumping trash at the front door is just as childish as the former get a boyfriend sign and middle finger drawing. I’m embarrassed to be living nearby. Outta control for sure.

  • I agree that both parties are acting immature throughout this evolving situation. However, one party is a business, and therefore has a lot more to lose by participating in this. I am another person in the neighborhood that, after the signs from the restaurant incident, stopped frequenting both Baby Whale and Corduroy all together. One would think that what seem to be two struggling restaurants wouldn’t put their business at risk over a childish dispute.

  • These latest actions by the neighbors has moved me to the side of the business owner. Sweeping up some trash that probably came out when the truck picked up the bags and dumping it in front of their business is a jerk move

    • You don’t need to be on the “side” of either. Obnoxious behavior by one doesn’t make obnoxious behavior by the other less obnoxious. And those signs were obnoxious as hell.

    • Glass isn’t put in trash bags. It it put in recycling bins. Glass is rarely spilled as the truck lifts up the whole bin.

  • I agree that both parties are being immature, but IMO it’s even worse for someone who’s the public face of a business to be immature like this than it is for someone who’s a private citizen.
    As someone with several neighbors who can’t be bothered to clean up litter from their sidewalk/treebox areas, I understand the OP’s frustration; I’ve certainly been tempted to scoop up the offending items and place them on the non-cleaners’ front porches. But c’mon… you can’t give it to that kind of temptation; it just ups the ante.

    • I had a temper tantrum once on a really, really bad day and through some address-labeled boxes back over a fence. As you might imagine, nothing good came of it.

  • justinbc

    I just have to say we should be proud of DC that this is the type of stuff we now have to worry about happening in our alleys!

  • Yes! I totally volunteered to mediate this one a few weeks back – it is prime territory for deescalation. Happy to help if the parties involved are interested in mediation.

  • I like the arm

    I like the armoire in the middle. Is that abandoned?

  • Seriously getting old!!!!! Go get a life if that’s the only thing you can complain about. I think the restaurant and all of us have put up enough with your complaining. Come to my alley where there are three restaurants and see our mess. I’d be so happy if our alley looked like that. If you don’t like living in a city move to the suburbs. There you can find your manicured lawns that you seem to desperately want. Enough is enough! I’m with Corduroy on this one.