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You Need Better Sense But Gotta Respect Your Resolve

by Prince Of Petworth March 7, 2017 at 12:30 pm 87 Comments


First of all, The Whitman condo residents facing this alley who are PoPville readers – how could you not email me this?!?!? This is my bread and butter and I have to read about it in the home of Washington’s best doctors?!? Just kidding, I’m a big Jessica Sidman fan and I’m glad she was able to dig into this story which is absolutely ridiculous:

“Tim alleges he has long observed leaky cooking oil drums and overflowing dumpsters attracting rats in the alley behind Corduroy and Baby Wale.

So, on February 17, Tim emailed the health department outlining a long list of grievances. On Feb. 21, health inspectors showed up at both restaurants. It was the second time within about a month they had responded to complaints about the establishments. Both times, they found no major violations.

Shortly after, a banner appeared in the back of Corduroy, facing the condo building, with a message:


Read the full story in Washingtonian here.

So – thoughts? Funny? Legit reaction to the frustration or just being a jackass? How long should he leave the sign up?

I stopped by on Sunday days after the story was first reported and was sure the sign would be gone. Nope. There was a cop checking it out though…



rear 910 M St, NW

corduroy baby wale
1122 9th Street, NW


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