From the Files of All Publicity is Good Publicity – More Signs Taunting Neighbors

by Prince Of Petworth March 13, 2017 at 10:00 am 44 Comments

clean up signs popville

Thanks to Tim for sending the update: “There is a new sign up next to the you need a boyfriend one. He should just clean up his back yard.”

Last week we shared the saga between a neighbor(s) and the restaurant owner of Corduroy and Baby Wale in Shaw. To be honest I’m kinda speechless. Don’t get me wrong it’s beautiful in a Middle School tantrum sort of way and I certainly don’t condone throwing eggs, if indeed that happened, but Jesus Fracking Christ. Seriously? This all feels like a very Trumpian reaction. To what end I ask? What is the purpose? What does one hope to gain by such action? Such provocation. Will this improve the impasse? Bridge the divide? I don’t fracking think so. So, to gain publicity? Maybe. I know that restaurant competition has heated up in Shaw but there’s gotta be a better way. Anyway, wishing peace to all parties before we regress to Elementary school.

Update from owner of Baby Wale via email:

“My goal has never been to get publicity out of this situation. I have not contacted any media outlet first. Attached are photos of how we found our cars Friday night at 11:30 PM. Looks to me that the eggs were thrown from the Whitman. Not sure where the concern for the cleanliness of the alley was in that action. I think rats like eggs too.”




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