From the Files of All Publicity is Good Publicity – More Signs Taunting Neighbors

by Prince Of Petworth March 13, 2017 at 10:00 am 44 Comments

clean up signs popville

Thanks to Tim for sending the update: “There is a new sign up next to the you need a boyfriend one. He should just clean up his back yard.”

Last week we shared the saga between a neighbor(s) and the restaurant owner of Corduroy and Baby Wale in Shaw. To be honest I’m kinda speechless. Don’t get me wrong it’s beautiful in a Middle School tantrum sort of way and I certainly don’t condone throwing eggs, if indeed that happened, but Jesus Fracking Christ. Seriously? This all feels like a very Trumpian reaction. To what end I ask? What is the purpose? What does one hope to gain by such action? Such provocation. Will this improve the impasse? Bridge the divide? I don’t fracking think so. So, to gain publicity? Maybe. I know that restaurant competition has heated up in Shaw but there’s gotta be a better way. Anyway, wishing peace to all parties before we regress to Elementary school.

Update from owner of Baby Wale via email:

“My goal has never been to get publicity out of this situation. I have not contacted any media outlet first. Attached are photos of how we found our cars Friday night at 11:30 PM. Looks to me that the eggs were thrown from the Whitman. Not sure where the concern for the cleanliness of the alley was in that action. I think rats like eggs too.”



  • Anon

    I don’t need a boyfriend, I need a manfriend. Amirite ladies?

  • Truxton Thomas

    Good lord—this seems like very bad business. I should be thinking about your food, not your terrible relations with your neighbors. It’s like being invited over to dinner and having the hosts bicker in front of you.

    • Anonymous

      Exactly. I used to think well of Corduroy. Took a number of people to interview lunches there in the mid-2000s when it was in the Sheraton Four Points, and have enjoyed the new location as well. But this is now literally the first thing I will think about when I think about the restaurant–not a plus, owners.
      I think PoP hit it on the head: “This all feels like a very Trumpian reaction. To what end I ask? What is the purpose? What does one hope to gain by such action?”

      • mersadaisy

        ^^ Yes, that

    • textdoc


  • Obvious

    likely that both parties are equally douche-bags, but the signs denote a weak bully. i’ll never go to those restaurants and actively discourage all others from doing so.

  • Tom

    The level of pettiness here is outstanding, and I am here to mock both sides

    • dcd

      This seems like the most reasonable approach. But, I agree with the PPs above that it’s bad business. I can mock the anonymous egg throwers, but that’s really about it. In addition to mocking the restaurant owner, I can decide not to dine there.

      • Anon

        Eh, I really don’t think most people would give this much thought past idling away on Popville. I’ve had some solid meals here. Though I won’t go out of my way to dine here (it’s good, but not particularly memorable), I won’t let this petty BS prevent me from enjoying a solid meal.

  • Greg

    I want to feel confident that management will respond with professionalism and maturity if there are any performance or quality issues when I eat out. Seeing this gives me the impression that they lack both of those traits, and for that reason I will be dining elsewhere.

    • textdoc

      +1. If private citizens want to be immature in their own private lives, that’s their prerogative. But it’s a REALLY bad look for someone to do this in a professional context.

    • Anon

      +1 This does not make me feel like if there is an issue with my meal that it will be dealt with professionally. What happens with they get my order wrong? Or the food comes out cold? Or something tastes “off”? Things happen in the restaurant business, and part of a professional operation is dealing with those issues. Instead, I’m imagining some overgrown brat standing there arguing on an “i know you are but what am I?” maturity level. No thanks. There are lots of great restaurants in town.

  • LosLobos

    Not sure what the owner is thinking, because the only possible outcome out of this is negative.

    On the last post some PoPers thought the mess in the alley was no big deal, my condo building was assessed over $10K in fines for much, much less (we ended up appealing and settled for a few hundred). So while I understand the neighbor’s concern, she did not go about it the best way. However, the owner of the restaurant did not respond in the best way and now things have escalated to a very childish level.

    The owner should consider their particularly vulnerable situation as a business. They have absolutely nothing to gain with the strategy they are following. You gotta pick your battles you know

  • PettyShabazz

    So were the condo peeps throwing eggs? Because if so, that’s pretty petty. And contributes to the alleged issues they are complaining about. Why are they getting a free pass?

    • wdc

      Because we have nothing to show that they threw eggs, except a sign hung by a person with the emotional maturity of Donald Trump.
      You really think that a guy who attempts to embarrass a neighbor by implying he’s gay would scruple at false accusations?

    • Evan Tupac Grooter

      The eggs are a FALSE FLAG attack perpetrated by chef and owner TOM POWER.

    • Anonymous

      And who is giving a free pass? I promise to decline any invites to any dinner parties from any anonymous egg throwers, I swear. But I’ve also formed my opinions about this owner.

  • Margrave of Mt. Vernon


  • wdc

    I’ve worked in a lot of restaurants. I’ve known a lot of restaurant owners, chefs, managers, etc. The kind of restaurant owner who engages in childish BS like this is the kind who would make a line cook pick a piece of meat up off the floor, cook it, and serve it. And then laugh at the unknowing patron who eats it.

    • ajr

      THIS. This has been going through my head the entire saga! +100000

    • Anon

      YES. Exactly. I’m so glad he showed his &#% on this bc now I know to avoid this place.

  • MadMax

    This is idiotic. Luckily for them the sign is on the back of the business so most people won’t ever know about it, and those who do will probably have forgotten two weeks from now.

  • Ehdc

    Oy vey! Isn’t there enough conflict already in the world? I’d like to offer my services as a mediator to help the individuals involved here see if they can solve this one…

  • Loganite

    This reflects poorly on the business owner. Apparently he can’t communicate with the condo board.

    If the business owner would have just left up “YNAB” it would have become a classic.
    Now the 2nd sign is provoking.

    How about:
    “Eggs Benedict Special Sunday $12”

  • Reality

    My reaction to Baby Wale’s response went from, “well that’s kind of weird” to now, “I will never go there” …. This is just bizarre behavior for a business. Why would you start fights with your own neighbors? How does that build community and trust?

    • 7thStTechGuy

      The wife and I were planning to have a joint Bday party there, and after this behavior and a pretty crappy experience with one of their Bartenders, we will not be going back. Act like an adult.

  • DupontEast

    I’m fairly certain throwing objects from your balcony is illegal. Understand no one has come off well in this feud, but now we’ve crossed into new territory.

  • Anon

    I know this won’t be a popular view, but I think the egg throwing is a fitting response. What did this D-bag think was going to happen? He’s lucky it’s eggs and not dog poop.

    • textdoc

      Ehh, two wrongs don’t make a right.

      • Anon

        No, but sometimes they make a “you got what you had coming to you”

        • Anon

          I hope you don’t have children.

          • Anon1

            ^ you need a boyfriend.

  • Elkhaert

    I don’t support the sign at all (it is childish, and he should take them down), but am I the only one who thinks the egging from the residential building is the worse of the two? That said, the sign is only going to encourage more eggs.

  • FridayGirl

    This whole thing is out of hand and EVERYONE involved (no matter who was being a jerk originally) should be ashamed of how childishly low they have stooped.

  • Ross

    Both sides are idiotic. But I definitely will never, ever set foot inside either of these restaurants, and I’ll let all my friends know about this saga. Not all publicity is good publicity. I think this guy is about to learn a hard lesson about picking ine’s battles.

  • Julia Vipsania

    I had decent meals at both Corduroy and Baby Wale in the past but I’d never go back after seeing this. How ridiculous and asinine.

  • Roberto B.

    Prince, I’d like to ask all your questions towards the resident(s) of the Whitman. To what end I ask? You have called the health department, allegedly smeared dog feces on their doors, threw eggs at their cars, and publicized a private dispute, all while remaining anonymous. What is the purpose? What does one hope to gain by such action? Such provocation. Will this improve the impasse? Bridge the divide? What about this “Tim” you thanked in your article for publicizing this? How about he or she or they just grow up and talk to the restaurant and keep things private. I don’t see why the restaurant owner is the only one getting grief for this. The signs are obnoxious but if it weren’t for Tim we wouldn’t even know about their existence. What does this Tim have to gain for garnering judgement towards this neighborhood restaurant?


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