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“Chick-fil-A Holding DC’s first Road Trip May 31 to Celebrate June 1 Opening of the New Drive-Thru Restaurant”

by Prince Of Petworth May 24, 2017 at 11:25 am 23 Comments

1401 Maryland Ave, NE

From a press release:

“Restaurant Details

The 1,500-square-foot Capitol Hill East Chick-fil-A drive-thru restaurant features a:

· kitchen with Chick-fil-A’s latest design and equipment.

· pedestrian walk-up window and patio that seats 20.

· full-service menu with healthy options and breakfast until 10:30 a.m., and will be open Monday through Saturday from 6:30 a.m. to 10 p.m. Like all Chick-fil-A locations, it will be closed on Sunday to provide a day of rest and time with family for team members.

Local franchise owner Peter Choi will celebrate the June 1 opening of D.C.’s newest Chick-fil-A restaurant with the area’s first Chick-fil-A Road Trip on May 31. Upwards of 100 adults will be transported on an interactive field trip around the area where their efforts not only will impact thousands, but also will earn each of them a year supply of Chick-fil-A meals.

The new restaurant at 1401 Maryland Ave., NE., is creating 60 new jobs in the area and providing the opportunity for the community to donate children’s books to benefit Miner Elementary School.

Chick-fil-A Road Trip Celebration

Chick-fil-A’s First 100 campouts have given away more than $31 million in free food through 2016 and continue to be the chain’s signature event to celebrate the opening of a new location. However, this Chick-fil-A grand opening celebration will not involve any overnight activities but a Road Trip where up to 100 eligible participants, 18 years and older, can start gathering at 5:45 a.m. on May 31 to register and immediately participate in the grand opening celebration.

Designed to be an exceptional experience on many levels, participants will travel around the greater D.C. area on chartered buses. They will spend approximately six hours being engaged in activities that will provide opportunities to get up and move in addition to impacting and moving others in the community with acts of service along the way, including assembling 10,000 meals for D.C. Central Kitchen. Upon completion of the road trip, each eligible participant will return to the Capitol Hills East restaurant around 4:30 p.m. to continue the celebration. The post-road trip party will include dinner and participants being awarded with a digital offer card loaded with a one-year supply of free Chick-fil-A meals (52 meals with each consisting of a Chick-fil-A Chicken Sandwich, medium Waffle Potato Fries and a medium beverage).

Registration will be held at the restaurant that morning from 6 a.m. until 9:45 a.m. or until 100 eligible adult participants are reached, whichever comes first. If more than 100 people are onsite when the line officially opens at 6 a.m. on May 31, a drawing will be held to randomly select 100 guests with each required to participate in the road trip and celebration being held until 6 p.m. that day. The event is open to guests residing in specific zip codes surrounding the restaurant. A list of eligible zip codes and event rules can be found here.

“My team members and I can’t wait to welcome our guests and provide each of them with a remarkable experience,” said Choi. “We are committed to our vision of loving our guests, community and leach other while serving delicious food with sincere hospitality.

Children’s Book Drive

Eager to immediately impact the local area, Choi is inviting the community to celebrate the new location by participating in a children’s new and gently used book drive to benefit Miner Elementary. The donated books will be placed in a nearly 3-foot Book House, made from reclaimed wood, to serve as a free library exchange. Since 2014, Chick-fil-A has collected more than 41,177 books which were donated to 241 local organizations in 43 states and Washington, D.C.”

  • Anonymous

    As a gay citizen of DC – I will never patronize them. Never!

    • JB

      If you ever change your mind, I’m sure they’ll be happy to serve you!

    • northeazy

      Is it because they do not full-throatedly endorse expanding legal protections to same-sex couples like you do? Or is because you believe they hate gay people and want to hurt them?

      • houseintherear

        Full-throatedly? Jeeeesus.

        They’ve done better for the past few years, but previously they were contributing to many political organization that were hostile to LGBT people/rights/marriage, and also contributed lots of $ to towards Prop 8 in Cali.

      • Anon

        They have donated tons of money to anti-LGBT groups, including the Family Research Council which believes [from their website] “homosexual conduct is harmful to the persons who engage in it and to society at large” and lobbies for laws that reflect that view.
        Do what you want, but you are delusional if you think it’s about a failure to “full-throatedly endorse” same-sex marriage rights.

      • Bobert

        “full-throatedly endorse”
        Tap tap, wink wink…. I got you chief.

      • Carey


        • B

          Yeah, finally realized that northeazy is nothing but a troll on here. Will never, ever set foot in a Chik-fil-A. And, yes, I understand they have learned the errors of their past donations, but only after being called out and experiencing some economic impact. Never.

          • HaileUnlikely

            Well, the founder of the company died a few years ago, and his son is in charge now. It may be that they learned from the $$$ impact of their previous stance, or it may be that there’s a different person calling the shots now. I’m not saying that is in fact the reason for the change in their social stances or donations to other odious organizations, I’m just saying I don’t think it’s that simple and I don’t think we can really know what their motivations are. Heck, they still aren’t open on Sundays. I bet that has a pretty large economic impact too. Thus, I’m slightly more willing to give them than some other organizations the benefit of the doubt that their decisions might be influenced by other factors besides pursuit of the almighty dollar.

  • anon

    Ugg, I drive right by here on my commute and really hope it doesn’t make that intersection even more of a cluster f*ck.

    • anon

      It definitely will. I can’t believe anyone would be allowed to open a drive-thru at this point in our history. And in such an urban neighborhood, too.

  • Carey

    So has the Chick Fil A project in Van Ness been dropped? Burger King is alive and well.

    • anon

      My local ANC made sure that Van Ness location did not happen. We prefer a run down Burger King..

      • Carey

        As much as I despise Chick Fil A’s backward social stance, I’d much rather see just about anything new on that site—yes, even with a drive thru—than that old, run down Burger King.

  • hungeegirl

    That’s a lot of fucking work for some “free” mediocre chicken.

    • womp

      I think that’s the point? It seems they’re trying to positively impact the community and, let’s be honest, people go nuts for their food. So is it not a win/win in that respect? While I may not agree with their evangelism or opposition to the LGBT community, I can appreciate CFA’s impact in the communities they serve.

  • MadMax

    I thought this was supposed to happen last week?

  • Thunder

    Anyone really believe that this cinder block cave will create 60 jobs? This was a matter of right building, and they certainly made it ugly as possible.

    • Blithe

      Possibly. Nothing in the press release suggests that all of — or even any of — the 60 new jobs will be full time.

  • a neighbor

    How come Chick-fil-A doesn’t open on Sundays (“Sundays are meant for getting out and spending time with family and friends.”) but they made construction workers spend their Sundays on the job?

    • MadMax

      Those aren’t Chik-fil-A employees, they’re contractors who can work whenever they choose.

  • Ejh

    YES!!!! I love chic fila and will be eating there multiple times a week. Can’t wait for them to open!!

  • Anon

    Pretty nifty that the owner incorporated community service for the First 100. Would love to see more giant chain businesses involved with their local community like this!


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