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Pedro and Vinny’s Burrito Cart Closing on K Street

by Prince Of Petworth May 11, 2017 at 11:30 am 21 Comments

pedro and vinny closing

A reader reports:

“Pedro and Vinny’s, a burrito cart on 15th and K, is closing next week. John and his burritos have been a long-time downtown DC institution. I, and a lot of his other loyal customers, are pretty bummed by this. The last day is next friday (5/19). The owner John and his wife have decided to move to Wilmington, North Carolina.”

  • Tall E

    I agree, really a loss for those of us who’ve been regulars for years. Always loved his enthusiasm and chitchat and I will miss the food.
    He’s giving out jugs of his carrot habanero sauce too (otherwise he’s dumping it) so another reason to pay one last visit.

  • MadMax

    I would have gone more often if it wasn’t vegetarian, but I can see the appeal for those who choose that lifestyle. It wasn’t bad for what it was. I love Wilmington though, good choice on their part. I try to go back there as often as I can.

    • CapitalDame

      it’s no longer vegetarian! I started going after they made the switch… maybe two years ago?

      • MadMax

        Well shoot, it’s a shame I missed that update then, especially when I worked very close by.

    • Carey

      I’m not vegetarian, but I find many vegetarian dishes to be absolutely divine! Unless it’s fake meat. That stuff is awful. You should try it sometime.

      • MadMax

        I like many spicy / stinky tofu dishes, but seitan I can’t do. Some hippy place in Ft Worth did everything with seitan and I nearly puked at the table.

  • VC_MP


    • the dude


  • Rich

    I remember them from when I was working near the WH last year. Not bad but not outstanding, a good value overall and the choices aren’t vegetarian only.

  • dat

    John and his delicious homemade hot sauces will be missed dearly.

  • LosLobos

    Not the greatest (title goes to Well Dressed…) but not bad. However, I loved the guy’s attitude. Even though I didn’t buy his food, the gusto with which he served his customers always made me smile on my lunch hour

  • lebro

    Funny enough I always said to rabid fans of Pedro & Vinny’s preferred a burrito place in my hometown call Flaming Amy’s Burrito Barn. It’s in Wilmington! Small world.

    • MadMax

      We used to go to Flying Amy’s after weekly fraternity meetings to watch Who Wants to Be a Millionaire :)

  • BurritoMouse

    A well-deserved retirement, but so so sad for the area. His daughter was doing a burrito pop-up in Penn Quarter a while back. Maybe she’ll pick up the family business!

  • Andie302

    I will miss this guy! Even when I’m just walking his enthusiasm is contagious. And that’s my go-to on a day where I’m really hungry but don’t want something that’s still relatively healthy (when you ask him to make it very small). Darn!

  • northeazy

    Is this the burrito cart I always hear about? I remember reading somewhere just last week or so about a downtown burrito cart. Is there another one or is this the only show in town? From what I vaguely recall, the burritos are quite large at a good price and the person makes them very fast. Something like that…

  • c

    NOOOOOOOO This guy got me through a VERY irritating job I had at 14th and K just after college. My coworker and I were underpaid and overworked but these burritos saved us (that and Frankie’s jumbo slice around the corner, which I also think might be gone). What a great value, what a great guy. I hope he enjoys his retirement!

  • Mike

    I wonder whether this means the place on Columbia Pike in Arlington will close too.

  • andy

    how can I get some of the goose sauce?

  • jj

    no!! so sad! he will be missed. one of my favotire places to get lunch by the office. i would go all the time when i was pregnent and coming in from doctors appts around lunch. i could beat the crowd.

  • anon

    nooooooooooooooooooooooooo! you will be missed my friend :(


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