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Blue Bottle Coffee Coming to Georgetown this Summer

by Prince Of Petworth May 17, 2017 at 1:45 pm 13 Comments

via Blue Bottle Coffee “on Potomac Street right off the C&O Canal Towpath”

Thanks to FridayGirl for sending from Blue Bottle:

“Coming Summer 2017 to Washington D.C. See you in Georgetown”

and from their blog:

“Washington D.C.is home to a burgeoning coffee scene. Our first cafe there will be located in Georgetown, a quintessential D.C. neighborhood.

We have reason to believe that a cafe with expertly sourced coffees, roasted and dialed in to our specifications, will be welcome and appreciated. President Obama recently ordered a fleet of Chemex emblazoned with his seal. And 200 years ago, The White House Cookbook published this sentiment by Mrs. F. L. Gilette: “Boiling water is a very important desideratum in the making of a good cup of coffee or tea… Do not boil the water more than three or four minutes; longer boiling ruins the water for coffee or tea-making, as most of its natural properties escape by evaporation, leaving a very insipid liquid, composed mostly of lime and iron, that would ruin the best coffee.”

We’re glad to take up the charge against “insipid liquid,” and our hope is that we will have three cafes in D.C. by 2018. Our first, on Potomac Street, is located in proximity to many lovely shops and interesting purveyors right off the C&O Canal Towpath—a tributary of the Potomac River with an adjacent footpath.

More background on their coffee here.

  • cd

    one of my favorites!

  • TinkerTaylor

    Happy to see them coming to DC; currently order my beans from them. Hoping one of their other two planned DC locations will be closer to Columbia Heights.

  • Leeran

    Last fall Washington Business Journal reported that they’d also have an 872 sf space at the Wharf in the “expanded Fish Market area.” I’m assuming that’s just the revamped fish market, which it looks like they’re working on right now.

  • Deebs


    • Deebs

      except… georgetown? bleh.

      • FridayGirl

        I partially agree, but it seems like this (along with Boba and macroons) might be the start of a Georgetown upswing? Personally, I don’t mind going over there occasionally if I have a few things to do — but for awhile everything was just…. closed or closing.

        • Anon

          “but for awhile everything was just…. closed or closing”

        • FoggyBottom

          With all the recent food and coffee shop openings in Georgetown central and up Wisconsin (Chaia being a particular favorite of mine) a Jose Andres restaurant coming next year and Nobu coming to M street, there is a lot to like about what Georgetown is doing. You still have to battle the crowds in the summer, but these offerings give you far more reasons to go.

          • Gee

            Baked & Wired makes it all worthwhile

      • ChillyDC

        I don’t get all the Georgetown hate on Popville. Yeah, tourists cram M Street, but go one block in from Wisconsin or M, and it’s an awesome neighborhood.

  • mmm

    I appreciate quality beans, responsibly sourced and expertly roasted, but good god their beans are pricey!

  • niceflipflop

    Started subscribing to Tonx beans when I lived in the bay area, then kept it up when I moved back to DC. Then bluebottle bought them and it’s gotten even better (save for the occasional bag of unwashed beans, which is a bummer if that’s not your thing).

    Yeah it’s pricey. But good Joe.

  • LMFB

    YES! Gimme dat saffron snickerdoodle cookie!!!!!


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