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  • wonder about

    Looks very interesting! Cannot believe this is actually happening.

  • Anonymous

    Can’t wait!

  • Anonthony

    Take it as you will, but when I asked about it at their Florida Avenue location, they said it’s just a couple of weeks away from opening. So it can’t be too far off now.

  • samanda_bynes
  • MadMax

    Am I the only one who just doesn’t find their cider appealing at all? I’ve tried about a dozen there and want to spit almost all of them out. I love pretty much every type of alcohol out there, but this stuff is all so rancid. Thankfully they have some good beer options.

    • samanda_bynes

      yet to have it, i’m generally not a cider person so i doubt i’ll have the palette, but just super stoked to see another place.

    • MtP

      I’ve only tried the cider once, but it was pretty close to the cider I had in Basque country. I prefer it to sweeter ciders. It is good they have beers too though b/c, as you exemplify, such a drink is not for everyone!

    • ANON

      Naturally fermented still cider is a big change for those who think of the artificially sweetened stuff as “cider” certainly an acquired taste, but i encourage you to taste some craft ciders from around DC, Potters or Mt. Defiance are both good to see what is out there. I think Cider is on the verge of taking off.

      • MadMax

        I’ve tried cider extensively, I just don’t care for it. I’ll eat / drink pretty much anything under the sun and usually relish doing so. There are maybe 4 or 5 bottles I’ve had that I’ve enjoyed though. I’m sure it’s all good for what it is, just not for me, especially when you consider the opportunity costs of ordering something I’m almost certain to like.

      • Anonthony

        +1 on Potter’s, they make some good stuff.

  • Kennedy Street neighbor

    Will they have other options? Wine? Beer?

  • David G.

    Kennedy Street is the place to be! This is going to be a game changer.


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