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  • MadMax

    Looks like Slender Man.

  • Pleasanter

    What a POS.

    • Anon

      What a pathetic, infantile POS.

  • the famous boat

    This crime is obviously heinous, but I’m laughing at the idea that the perpetrator can be identified from that…blur

    • Dirtygunz8

      exactly. I’m embarrassed that I moved my head closer to the screen to make sure my eyes weren’t playing tricks on me

    • FridayGirl

      On the news, they said to watch the video for the perpetrator’s stance and the way he walks. (I mean, this makes sense. Many people are quite attuned to the pattern of footsteps or gait.)

    • well

      the video is more clear. are you going to look at this pic or the video and then ID a stranger? no. but if it’s a friend(?) or acquaintance and you might have had a suspicion (and i feel like in these cases, sometimes people do) and then you see the video – could help confirm. obviously not talking about the court of law – but just in terms of helping to ID a suspect.

    • Seriously – a major university has such crappy surveillance? This deed was ugly, but what if it were a rape or other assault?

  • fish

    As an AU alum, it is embarrassing that a uni that charges undergrads $44,000+ per year in tuition can’t offer more than $1000 to help catch someone who did something so disgusting.

    • kwame

      I thought the exact same thing at the announcement of the reward.

  • heylady
  • Robert

    Focus on serious crime.

    • PettyShabazz

      This is probably the suspect, where do i get my reward?

      • O’Donnell


      • Reality


      • AdMoKalTri

        +Only $1000

    • Brett M

      It’s AU police. They have ample time to focus on this.

  • MadMax

    I wonder if the same people who want to give other DC youths a free pass / second chance would lobby just as hard for this guy? It’s a good social examination of our views on crime.

    • Anonymous

      Who needs to lobby for this guy? Working from the assumption that the suspect is a white male student over the age of 18 who managed to get into a good college, there is no debate he will get a second chance. The crime is not violent but it is targeted at the sorority and calculated – clearly thought went into it to the use the noose (historically used to terrorize blacks) and the banana (historically used to dehumanize blacks.) That said black kids get a second chances too…when they jump high or run fast.

      If a kid comes from a shitty situation take everything into consideration, give the kid support an consider a second chance if rehabilitation is possible.

    • Reality

      Lol, his second chance is that he’s likely a straight white man in a society that still caters to him. His second chance is already on a platter for him. All he has to do is say sorry with his mom and dad sitting behind him and he’ll maybe pick up trash for a weekend. Second chances are rarely given to people outside that demographic. Oddly, a handful of people in DC still have a problem with it: straight white men.

    • Anonthony

      The second chances in regard to kids in DC aren’t the problem. It’s the third, fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh chances.

  • AU Neighbor

    We had a hellacious experience living next door to an AU frat house several years ago. I’m frankly shocked the AU administrators are doing anything. They were horrible with us until we got the DC govt and AG’s office involved. We’d never let our kids go there, even if they wanted to go to a school 5 minutes away…

    • Anonymous

      That had to do with this incident. how?

  • bje22201

    Am I the only one who thinks it’s a woman from the way they’re walking (like they have hips)?

    • ChillyDC

      Nope. Me too.

  • Brett M

    This is just a reminder that there’s plenty of evil racist cowards lurking about.


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