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  • Michael Pierce

    I think you’ve been around DC too long. If this were a federal government project, or WMATA, the church would be closed for the next three years, the first of which would be spent doing a $10 million study on how to patch the roof. And then weeks after reopening it would close again, due to a leaky roof.

    • FridayGirl

      +1. Hahahaha…..

  • ST21

    They had to get it done quick. A lot of weddings in there around this time of year.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, only having half a roof isn’t the kind of problem you sit on for a while.

  • Bloomingdale97

    Actually graduation is in the next six weeks. They do not know the extent to which the church can be used after graduation. This is because they still do not know all that is required to fix the roof permanently. The roof structure is over 150 years old, a permanent fix may be a bit more complicated and time-consuming.


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