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“We are excited to be D.C.’s first Cat Boarding, Grooming and Daycare option”

by Prince Of Petworth April 9, 2017 at 10:02 pm 26 Comments

itty bitty
1904 18th Street, NW

From a press release:

“A revolutionary business aimed at cat lovers opens on April 10, 2017. Itty Bitty & Kitty City will offer boarding, grooming and daycare just for cats. The business is owned and operated by D.C. mainstay, Doggy Style Bakery, Boutique & Pet Spa. “We are excited to be D.C.’s first Cat Boarding, Grooming and Daycare option,” said Krista Heinz, Owner of both Itty Bitty & Kitty City and Doggy Style. “For far too long, cats have been marginalized by D.C. pet care businesses. We are thrilled to offer an option that is designed just for cats.” Itty Bitty & Kitty City offers custom-built Kitty Condos that are designed from the cat’s perspective. Each condo offers cats a separate bedroom, bathroom and living area for Feline guests. In addition, a Kitty Playground is set up for cats to exercise and play every day. Cat care professionals will be on site 24-hours a day to care for the cats, ensuring that each and every cat gets the personalized care and attention that they deserve.

A Grand Opening Party will take place on Thursday, April 13th from 6-8pm and include tours of the new Itty Bitty & Kitty City, as well as FREE appetizers and refreshments. Guests are encouraged to bring donations of blankets & towels, USA-made training treats, and canned food for cats for the Humane Rescue Alliance. Donors will be given a 10% OFF coupon at Doggy Style Bakery, Boutique & Pet Spa.”

  • LJ

    I get boarding for owners on vacation, but isn’t the point of getting a cat that they can take care of and entertain themselves? My cats freak out every time I take them to a new environment, and they’d be much happier managing their own “day care.”

    • NH Ave Hiker

      Right? Most times you can just leave some food and water out for a couple of days and everything is fine.

    • LittleBluePenguin

      Yeah, um, it’s not like I want to see this place fail before they even get off the ground, but I would NEVER recommend boarding a cat unless you had absolutely no other option. They’re very independent and most will be ok for about 1-3 days if you make sure they have plenty of water, food, and clean litter boxes. If you have to leave them for more than 3 days or so, I would much sooner recommend a petsitter or having a neighbor who can look in on them a couple times a day, feed them, maybe play with them, etc. Cats reaaaalllly don’t like changing environments willy-nilly, and I can’t imagine how terrified most would be to be locked away in some new place with strange smells of all the cats who’ve gone before, new furniture, new everything.

      • MadMax

        This place probably works well for introverts who don’t talk to neighbors or “friends”.

      • saf

        I used to have a diabetic cat with separation anxiety. The only way to keep him alive when we traveled was boarding.
        I have never had any other cat who would have done well with boarding.

        • LittleBluePenguin

          That particular circumstance makes perfect sense as to why you’d need to board your kitty. But yeah, pretty much every other cat I’ve ever known would really, really prefer to be left in his/her own environment….

          • MadMax

            You also have to factor in the human element of people who just aren’t good pet owners. Places like this capitalize on selling guilt to people, by convincing them this is something they need, and x person is like oh yeah sure let’s go to Paris for two weeks and leave the cat in in jail.

    • AJ

      Well there are some condos/apartment complexes that do pest control once a month and want pets out for at least 8 hours, so in that respect you may not have much choice. So I can imagine this being a good resource and you can ask to get their nails clipped etc while they’re there.

    • AJ

      Maybe you’re moving house and its going to take a couple of days. And rather than risk them escaping outside as the doors are kept open and moving stuff, you board them there for a couple of days until you’re finally settled at your new place?

      Maybe you had a house fire and can’t go back but you can’t find somewhere to stay temporarily that allows cats? Or maybe you’re getting renovations done etc etc

      • wdc

        No one is suggesting that no one ever needs to board a cat, ever. Just that the average cat owner will have a total of maybe three renovations, house fires, and moves over the course of their life. And most of those will be moves, which most of us manage without boarding services.
        I of course wish them well, but I’ll be VERY surprised if this is still open in a year.

    • Hill Denizen

      We used to board my cat when we would go on long vacations when I was a kid 1-3 weeks and didn’t have someone we could pay to come visit the cat regularly. I could also see this being a good option for someone with an older cat or cat that needs medications and maybe needs more regular supervision.

      • HaileUnlikely

        Agreed. Or alternatively, for somebody who has an elderly small cat and also a Behemoth Kitten, who would drive the small elderly Good Little Kitty insane and eat all of her food if the two of them were left unsupervised for more than a couple days (well, she’d polish off all of the food in more like a couple minutes). Still looking into options for cat doors too small for Behemoth Kitten (to give Good Little Kitty refuge and food security), but I can definitely imagine boarding my Behemoth Kitten while I’m gone for more than 1-2 days (Good Little Kitty would be fine by herself)

  • Herbie

    DCs first for a reason. Visit now while you still can.

  • MadMax


  • fka Petworth

    I wouldn’t say this is revolutionary, but I like the idea. I wish it was vet services too–my cat freaks out at the vet, and years ago when I lived in another area, there was a cats only vet I took her to. I really helped her stay calm(er).

    • Former Fellowpetworthian

      There is a cat only vet in Silver Spring and two over in Arlington. The one in Silver Spring is called “A Cat Practice” and the Arlington one’s are called “NOVA Cat Clinic” and “Arlington Cat Clinic”. I have taken my cats to the Silver Spring vet and also “NOVA Cat Clinic”, both are great. It is so much less stressful for my guys when I take them there, than a vet that also sees dogs.

    • Hill Denizen

      There should be at least a cats only waiting area. The cat is already terrified of being at the vet, but then to add to that a few giant dogs running around…

  • I was excited about nail trims – until I saw they will cost $20.00. Um – no.

    • wdc

      $20?? District Vet will do a claw trim, apply claw covers, and do a sanitary clip around the backside for about that amount.

      • LJ

        Give me a blanket and a spotter, and I’ll do it for a decent 6-pack.

        • M

          This! Made me laugh. It’s how we do our cats nails. I hold cat wrapped in my arms and partner cuts nails. But I’ve been known to wrap one of them in a blanket, while trimming nails.

    • textdoc

      What’s the usual rate? I vaguely remember hearing $15 when I was looking into it after first getting my cat (a few years ago).

      • I was thinking that for $10.00 per cat I would take my two in every 3 weeks or so. It takes 5 min. per cat (with 2 people.) But at $20.00 per – I’m going with the beer guy, or just keep recruiting friends to snip claws while I wrestle the beast down. (And yes, I have tried every method from stealth to tuna.)

        • textdoc

          Yeah… $15 was enough to give me pause.
          (Or should I say “paws”? BADOOM-TISH!)
          I eventually figured out that I could usually clip 1-3 claws while my cat was eating wet food, and that as long as I didn’t let too much time elapse between “manicures,” I could get to all the claws over the course of 1-2 weeks.

          • Yeah, I did stealth snipping for a while – with 14 clippers positioned by every couch and chair – so relax baby and I’ll clip one nail every time you get comfortable with ultimate petting. Yeah – no. Also, I tempted with tuna. And bought one of those cat-bags. Let’s face it. Much as we love them, cats are f**tards.

            Get a friend, hold the bastard down, clip those nails and enjoy.

  • textdoc

    I can see the appeal of a cat-only grooming place, and of a cat-only boarding place… but cat daycare?


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