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Today’s Rental is a “Large Furnished Light-Filled Studio”

by Prince Of Petworth April 21, 2017 at 2:15 pm 32 Comments

2nd and w st nw

This unit is located at 2nd and W Street, NW. The Craigslist ad says:

“$1990 Large Furnished Light-Filled Studio in Ledroit Park/Bloomingdale


Large, beautiful and freshly painted studio apartment with open layout and tons of natural, southern exposure sunlight for rent in DC’s popular Bloomingdale/Ledroit Park neighborhood.

Freshly painted unit includes:

-Stainless steel appliances including fridge, microwave, and oven
-Updated granite countertops
-Large bathroom with tub and natural light
-Island kitchen with double sink and huge counter space ideal for cooking
-Kitchen bar with included leather-backed, adjustable barstools that double as living room chairs when retracted
-Huge walk-in-closet off bathroom with included dresser
– Large hall closet
-Storage armoire with adjacent TV and entertainment center (TV included)
– Double bed
– Leather sofa with storage ottomans

Kitchen comes fully equipped with:
– Set of 8 plates, mugs, wine glasses, cutlery, cookware (including blender, coffee maker, and crock pot)
-Beautiful Juliette balcony with floor-to-ceiling French-door windows
-Water and electric included
-Small-pet friendly with pet deposit

House showings upon request.”

  • kharr89

    So I own a newer 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom condo in the building next door – y’all is this a real price?! If so, I’m excited for our future rental possibilities!

    • B

      This seems pretty high for that location (no criticism of the location, I just mean comparables) – though this looks like a beautiful studio, and is well furnished. Furnished places, should be a bit higher. I suspect it could be rented to someone at this price, but I’d guess it’s about 300-400 too high, given unfurnished studios in Logan peak at about $1700.

      • Anon

        This. Nice looking place, but it is way overpriced.

      • kharr89

        Yeah that’s what I was thinking as well. It is very nice, but that’s more than my mortgage!

        • maxwell smart

          So you’re telling me that paying this much for a 1 bedroom rental in a basement is a mistake? Also… I could never afford to purchase a house or condo.

          • Anon Spock

            What area are you renting? $2k in rent for a basement seems high to me, but I’m admittedly cheap. There are so many first time homebuyer programs out there; have you investigated them fully? If you’re not as picky about the neighborhood, you’d probably be able to afford to buy a starter home (condo most likely) if you’re currently doing $2k in rent.

          • maxwell smart

            It’s not $2k actually. $1600 with all utilities. Upper NW.

          • maxwell smart

            Considering I owe close to $90,000 in student loans, the thought of sinking the little I have in savings into a meager down payment and getting even more in debt… yeah no. Plus from what I’ve heard from coworkers, buying in DC is a nightmare.

    • Elvis’s Mom

      I think the price is a little bit high, but because it’s furnished and the kitchen is stocked might be good for a corporate place, and those are pretty steep.

      • Leeran

        At W on 2nd? I dunno…

        • Elvis’s Mom

          Yeah, I’m not sure, but I’ve seen people pay ridiculous prices, some of it to be in a “cool” neighborhood.

  • SonH

    If I was looking at this. I would consider putting my bed(room) in that big closet off the bathroom and come up with some sort of clever storage solutions for clothing and crap.

    • CS

      I looked at a similar unit to this in this building when I was condo shopping (maybe the one below it?) and I had the same thought/hope but the closet is definitely too small for a full/queen bed. Maybe a twin, but I can’t remember how long the closet was.

  • DC

    Yeah it’s a beautiful unit in a nice neighborhood, but I can’t believe it’ll go for that price. Maybe $1700s?

  • anon

    probably going for an out of towner who has heard the name Bloomingdale, but has no idea what prices are

    • Hill Denizen

      This. If they’re renting furnished, I’d imagine they’re looking for a short term rental, since someone who’s looking for something long-term is more likely to have their own stuff. Maybe someone who’s just here for the summer would pay that much? But if I had that much cash for a studio and was only here for a short amount of time, this isn’t the area I would choose to live.

  • kate

    It also doesn’t list square footage. A “large” studio could mean quite a few things (and that one doesn’t look particularly big).

  • Kharr89

    Not necessarily depending on the details. We were paying $1450 for a one bedroom basement a block away from this. But that was two years ago. Full disclosure: my parents gave us the money for the down payment, otherwise we wouldn’t have been able to afford to buy either.

    • Kharr89

      This was supposed to be a reply to maxwell above

    • Formerly ParkViewRes

      Parents giving the down payment happens a lot more than people think. It’s a big segment of the market in Toronto.

  • AdMo Resident

    To be fair to the landlord, the mortgage payment on this unit + HOAs could easily be $1700-1800. For example, there is a one-bedroom condo available for $360k on this very intersection ($1606 est. mortgage with 20% down and $305 HOA is ~$1,900 per month). If I were the landlord I would have to charge $2k/mo. just to break even factoring maintenance, etc. Whether that justifies the price of this studio, who knows. Also, prices are too damn high.

    • Leeran

      Makes sense, but a one-bedroom at this intersection costing that much probably implies this is overpriced by 300-400, no? The difference between a studio and 1 bdrm usually seems to be at least that much when I’m searching.

    • textdoc

      It doesn’t really matter (except to the landlord) what the mortgage payment and HOA fee on this unit are — the landlord still needs to price it in line with the rental market if he/she wants to find a tenant.

      • Formerly ParkViewRes

        This. I have a friend who was not really able to cover their mortgage + condo fee with the rent. It is what it is, that’s obviously the ideal situation, but sometimes you have to rent it for 1700 even though your mortgage is 1800.

    • CS

      If it’s helpful for price comparison – when I looked at a studio on this building (looks like exactly the same layout) when condo shopping in 2015, it was listed at $250K I think.

  • Angry Parakeet

    Why oh Why is valuable space wasted on a dishwasher in a studio? I’d much rather have more cabinet space than an underused appliance.

    • Bloomy

      i’d sooner have an apartment sized suite of appliances than no dishwasher… I use ours everyday… but I also recognize that if I ever lived in a studio, i’d probably use this, and all other appliances less.

    • maxwell smart

      This! As a single person there are maybe 2 or 3 times a year a dishwasher would be of any value.

  • Effie

    Overpriced, definitely

  • anon

    Not overpriced. This includes electricity and a tv and a kitchen stocked with dishes – clearly going for short term corporate rental – some professional in town for a relocation needs a place ’til they find their own place, or here during the week to work for a definite period and going home on weekends, or someone here for training or a course or work for a brief time.
    When I was relocated here, the price the relocation company charged for my similarly stocked place (not a condo, but a rental in a newish rental building downtown – but the worst of the units, though, low floor, in back, with little natural light) was 2 times what the place rented similar units for unfurnished to longer term rentals. It’s a completely different market. And not all types coming here short-term want the kind of place i had. I knew someone who came here for work for 3 months who rented just such as place so they could bring their dog with them – not always allowed at more typical newish corporate rentals – these one-off places work best for them. And if your job is paying, the prices they will pay are high.

  • Ally

    Anyone else notice that the ad says it’s a light-filled apartment, but the bad lighting in the photos make it look like Mordor?

    • textdoc

      Disagreed — looks legitimately light-filled to me. Certainly not Mordor-like.


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