Shooting Outside NoMa Metro 10pm Last Night

by Prince Of Petworth April 20, 2017 at 9:30 am 11 Comments

noma map
via google maps

Matt reported just after 10pm:

“One gunshot fired outside of NoMa Metro, M Street. Shooter took off running up MBT ramp; police on the way. Possibly 1 person shot”

  • Tom

    Woooof, I limped my girlfriend’s bike back up to Silver Spring via metro last night and got on at NoMa, glad I missed this

  • Anonynon

    So there are cameras all up and down the MBT, so they should find this guy?

  • NOMA Res

    There are cameras all around that area between DHS, IRS, ATF and MBT. This should be closed quickly. I am interested to see if/when they catch the suspect.

  • Near Northeast

    I’m confused about the location of this. The Tweet says “200 blk of Florida Ave NE,” but it’s the M street entrance to NoMa that was completely sealed by the police; they were forcing people to exit at Florida instead.

    • Anon

      I don’t see what you gain by overthinking this.

  • Anonymous

    Matt has the shooter at the M St entrance running south up the ramp to the MBT trail. MPD has the shooter on FL Ave running towards 1st. They’re about 2 block apart not to mention shooter is running past the ATF HQ.

    • Anonymous

      MPD twitter post said – not actual police action

  • Address discrepancies

    MPD uses the formal address when it comes to metro stations, for instance ft totten metro carries a 550 Galloway address despite it being located on Galloway between 1st and 3rd. So that may be part of the confusion, I’m not familiar with the layout of the Noma station so I’m not sure, but that may explain the discrepancies here

    • Old City

      Good point. NoMa has two entrances so the twitter post makes it sound like it’s the North Fl Ave entrance when it appears the shooting happened on M St just outside the south metro entrance.

      • Flats130Res

        Yup, it was just outside the M St exit, on M, under the bridge. From my apartment I couldn’t see what had happened, but that was where all the activity was.

  • Anon

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