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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rant: Wiedefeld came in with a bang when he shut the Metro down for a full day and gave some of us hope. However, his latest proposals are a sign he is not the answer and isn’t willing to be aggressive in fixing the systemic, long-term problems inherent to WMATA. If you’re unwilling to do away with the compact and unwilling to address current personnel costs (salaries/pensions/etc), you are kicking the can down the road. Lack of accountability, exploding costs, and an inability to fire poor performers (and make it stick) will continue to be the rule of the day. Don’t expect more money for that nonsense, either in the form of riders’ fares or taxes from captive jurisdictions.

    • Accountering

      I felt the exact opposite. His seems like a very serious proposal, designed to be something that could actually pass and get buy-in from all three states. Like it or not, the union is not just going to go away, so any proposal that just assumes the entire workforce is going to become at will isn’t worth the paper it is written on, as it is going nowhere. I think his proposal is very good given the reality of our situation, and the differing jurisdictions and competing interests he is dealing with.

      • We shall see. Just handing over money without changing anything substantively doesn’t seem to be working, but I am confident we will continue to do this. MetroForward, SafeTrack, etc.prove that spending more money can not only do nothing, but actually make things worse (who knew that could happen?!). And when you have to rehire the guy falsifying documents on a track whose poor maintenance ultimately led to a deadly disaster at L’Enfant, killing that one lady, I don’t know what to say. Good luck to them, but I think the death spiral will continue even under Wiedefeld. It’s in the cards.

        • “And when you have to rehire the guy falsifying documents on a track whose poor maintenance ultimately led to a deadly disaster at L’Enfant, killing that one lady, I don’t know what to say.”
          I agree with this – but it’s impossible to lay at the feet of the GM. He can’t unilaterally dissolve the compact, he can’t disband the union, and he can’t ignore the arbitration order. He also can’t ignore the prior arbitration orders giving WMATA employees pay increases when most of the rest of the country wad flat or declining wages. There’s only so much wiggle room he has when his annual budget is [some ungodly percentage] labor costs.

          FWIW, to me, the right answer, when faced with the argument that “it wasn’t this guy’s fault he falsified a maintenance report, lots of people did it, and many supervisors signed off on it or pressure him to do it,” the correct response is “Really? They can keep him company on the unemployment line.” Not, “Well, OK, he can have his job back.” WT Actual F?

  • skj84

    Rave: Feeling a bit better. I basically stayed in bed and watched movies all last night. Forced myself to get up and go to weight class this morning, and I have yoga later in the evening. Sometime taking a day to sulk can do wonders. Still waiting to hear back from the therapists I reached out to, hope I can get that ball rolling.
    Rant: My hands hurt from lifting. I need to buy some gloves. Or build up my calluses.

  • Rave: A friend, who lost a child at the end of a full term pregnancy last year, had a healthy baby this week. There are no complaints today. NONE – just a healthy dose of perspective and gratitude and a lot of tears on the metro this morning when I found out.
    Rave: Ijeoma Oluo’s interview with Rachel Dolezal in the Stranger this week. Spot on analysis.
    Rave: Coffee, comfortable new work pants, and motivation to tackle some of the pile on my desk this morning.

    • Love your raves!

    • Bear

      So happy to hear this!

    • Oh that is so great! I was watching hockey wives (LOL) last night and one of the wives was talking about how she had a miscarriage at 12 weeks and had to drive herself to the hospital because it was playoffs. I felt so bad for her, I cannot imagine.

    • Andie302

      Such great news about your friend! I found out yesterday that a friend of a friend that had a late miscarriage is due soon. We’re not close enough that I would know how pregnant she was, but we spent a bunch of time together during the mutual friends wedding last year, which was just after her miscarriage. I was so happy for that news!

      Also, if anyone wants to read the interview you’re talking about, here is a link: http://www.thestranger.com/features/2017/04/19/25082450/the-heart-of-whiteness-ijeoma-oluo-interviews-rachel-dolezal-the-white-woman-who-identifies-as-black

      There is so much going on there….I sort of equate her to the Kardashian’s and the “how bout dat” girl – just a weird phenomena that should not be reinforced with attention, but is for whatever reason.

      • anonymouse_dianne

        Interesting interview and echoes Dolezal’s interview with Dr. Phil on Monday. As per his usual he pressed all of her buttons. She acted for the most part like she didn’t know what he was talking about. She comes across as vapid and entitled. I’m guessing she’s getting attention because she is basically on a book tour.
        Sunday I was at Arena Stage to see “Smart People” – a four actor play that focuses on racism and entitlement. It was thought provoking and VERY funny. But a bit too long – I really like the 90 minute no intermission format better.

    • Yay for your friend. I’ve had a stillbirth and I’d say one thing, 16 months after welcoming my thriving rainbow baby, I still have intense moments of missing his big sister. Parenting after loss is a roller coaster. I know I’ll miss her for ever.

  • Query: Has anyone on here had any success in having speed bumps added to their residential streets? What is the process like and who should I be contacting first? Do all my neighbors need to be in agreement?
    I’m having a conversation with our ANC rep this evening about a number of different topics.

    • Accountering

      They are only moderately successful. They will only slow down your average Maryland Driver to around 30 or so. I lived on a narrow sidestreet with a stop sign at each intersection, and a speed bump in the middle, and we still had people manage to buttom out their cars on the speed bump.

  • Rant: Migraine.
    Rave: Stayed home from work today. I’ve been needing a day off for a month now, so I’m glad I finally took it.
    Rave: Have to go in tomorrow to work on things for my travel this summer even if my head still hurts. Totally not a complaint because I’m totally stoked. If anyone has clever suggestions on how to keep in touch with people while in China (aside from Skype, which I’ve heard works), let me know! I hear it’s increasingly difficult to get VPNs that work, so I might not bother with that. I’m undecided.

  • Rant: A family member’s cancer has come back, and it doesn’t look good.
    Rant: Things are getting increasingly turbulent in Venezuela and I feel so powerless to help from here. Family members are getting gassed at protests and all I can do is refresh Twitter every few minutes.
    Rant: Our own country also being a shitshow of its own, with everything just seemingly crumbling.
    Rant: I’m really struggling to feel excited about wedding things with all of the above and more going on. I cannot wait to marry my partner, but the wedding I honestly could do without. It feels so trite and absurd and selfish in light of everything else happening in the world, everything that truly matters.
    Rave: The peanut butter cookie at the Wydown.

  • Bear

    Rant: The bear cub is fighting bedtime tooth and nail this week. The last few nights it’s taken over two hours of putting him down, him waking up 15-20 minutes later, soothing him back to sleep, wash rinse, repeat. It makes it kind of hard to get anything done in the evenings.
    Rant: Work is busy and I need to be able to finish things up in the evenings, which is difficult because of the above rant.
    Rave: After a craptacular start to the week in terms of renovations, the end is in sight. We’re so close to being able to use our house again…

    • Oh Bear, I remember those nights with my not-so-little monster. It is a phase, and I promise it passes. That doesn’t help you this week, but it may keep you from booking a one way ticket some place warm. Hang in there!

  • That One Guy

    Rave: Karma must be having a slow day because it got back around to me in less than a couple hours. A guy on the train dropped his wallet and I returned it to him. Then walking to the office I pulled out my phone from pocket and dropped some money in the process. The guy walking behind me picked it up and returned it to me.
    Rant: Was going to give money to the Amtrak porter for helping my aunt get on the train with her bags but by the time I was able to get some money out and get back to the gate he wasn’t there. Waited around a couple a minutes but no sign of him. Thank you sir.

  • Rave: Ordered prescription sunglasses! Excited to be somewhat funky (because I am usually not).
    Rant: Such bad eyes that I merited a $30 surcharge for the special lenses. Stupid myopia.
    Rave: To whoever on this site who recommended PT for my sore foot. I have an appointment on the books.
    Revel: Lots of stuff happening these days. If I can keep up with it, it’s going to be awesome.

    • Prescription sunglasses are the best! I used to have to resign myself to contacts on sunny days, but no more! Welcome to a whole new, less squinty, world!

      • +1. For awhile I couldn’t afford to get both sunglasses and normal glasses, then along came warby parker and now I can both see and not hurt my eyes outdoors. Prescription sunglasses are a life changer.

        • Everyone should try eyebuydirect online- search for coupon codes first- i now have a rotating stock of rX sunglasses! so cheap and fast

          • I Dont Get It

            Being slightly dyslexic when I see your user name I get excited thinking it is “MomsMabley”. Oh well, I’m sure Maeby is fun also.

    • Where did you order your sunglasses from? I’m looking into Zenni as someone mentioned it here last week

      • Love my Zenni’s! Got more after the first pair of prescription sunglasses. Make sure to shell out the $20 for polarized but all told, $30 for a pair of sunglasses…

        • I got Zenni’s as well. I have specialized lenses (because I’m that special) so it came to about 65. Still, cheaper than what I’d get from the eye doctor’s office.

    • I really want prescription sunglasses, but I have really, really bad eyesight…

    • Good to hear you have a PT appointment scheduled. For future reference, if there are any more bone breaks in your future, when I saw the second orthopedist who prescribed the PT, a few months after the break when my primary doc told me it looked like the bone had healed well and I shouldn’t still be in pain, and so referred me to a new ortho, the new ortho said she referred people to PT immediately after the break – so I could have saved myself months of pain and limping and cabfares and not being able to do things I wanted to do.

  • Query: How do you break up with a therapist? I’ve had three sessions with a new therapist and we’re just not clicking. I don’t know how to end things.
    Rant: Incompetent Coworker botched a huge presentation at our sales meeting but she’s untouchable because the EVP loves her. I feel like I can’t win.
    Rave: Wizards win!

    • Either just don’t schedule a follow-up appointment, or just call and just say I don’t think it’s a good fit. I’m sure they hear it quite a bit. I’ve been there and if you’re not clicking it’s like pulling teeth haha.

    • Do not schedule anymore appointments.

      • Andie302

        +1 I’ve done this once and never got any inquiry for feedback or anything. Agree with above, it’s such a personal thing that I am betting that it happens fairly frequently.

    • That One Guy

      Use the Chandler Bing approach and say you’re moving to Yemen.

    • You’re winning if you aren’t botching your work. Don’t worry about your coworker. Do your work, with an eye to maybe move on when you have a chance. But everything changes eventually, even currently intolerable work situations, usually. I look back at the times I got fed up and changed jobs, and wonder how my life would be different if I hadn’t each time, as things at my old jobs in many cases changed radically shortly after I left.

  • Ravant? Still in a crappy mood and feeling overwhelmed, but I’m actively trying to fight it. Hoping a cup of coffee helps lift my spirit a bit….
    Rant: there seems to be an inordinate amount of stray cats and / or people who let their pet cats roam free in Silver Spring, because for three nights in a row, now, three DIFFERENT cats have come to try to hang out with my cats, meowing at each other through the glass of the sun room. Some seem super friendly, like they’re definitely domesticated, and others are way more skittish. I love kitty cats but I don’t want one to get run over, and I really, really hope none of those cats start marking my house up as some sort of territory dispute.

  • Andie302

    Rant: Just got an email that the Rothy’s I ordered are out of stock and that I’ll be getting a refund. Huh? It seems like that’s something that should’ve been reflected when I tried to order, no?
    Rave: They are giving me a $30 credit for the inconvenience
    Rant: I don’t know if my current work flats can make it that long
    Rave: This is a very small problem in the scheme of things!
    Rave: All else seems to be going pretty well! Thank goodness the Caps pulled it out last night, and it was a great sports night for the city as a whole!

    • Andie – can you tell me more about your experience wearing their flats? I just went to their website and it looks great, but do you know if they run true-to-size, how long they last, etc etc?

      • Andie302

        This is my first pair. I ordered because a friend of mine has them and loves them. She said they fit true to size and I have a wide foot so per their site I ordered a half size up. She’s had hers for over a year and says they wear well and are very comfortable, which is why I want to give them a try. If you want a $20 off code, please ask Dan to put us in touch via email and I’ll send it to you.

    • Oh, drat! I ordered mine yesterday (thanks again for the discount code!) and I’ve already gotten an email saying they’ve shipped, so I guess the ones I ordered are in stock. That is weird that it let you place the order…

  • Rave: Less than a month until Greece for my 40th!!!
    Question: Does anyone know of a place in the area that does camera repair? Specifically for a Nikon D80 SLR. Help?

  • Rave: Lots of upcoming domestic travel to new-for-me states. Would love any Vermont recommendations. I’ll be there for six days in August. Planning to stay in Stowe, Burlington, and maybe Woodstock.
    Rant/Rave: Exams are coming. Not my favorite time of year but I can’t say I’m anywhere near as stressed about grades as I was during 1L.

    • Brattleboro is one of my favorite places in Vermont. I recommend staying at the Latchis hotel.

    • Ahhh, Vermont! It’s gorgeous in August. If you like the outdoors, try to make it out to Lake Champlain – a ton of parks for swimming and boating just short drives from Burlington (my favorite is Sand Bar State Park). Of course, there is a lot of hiking, biking, and outdoorsy things (you could do a short walk up Mt. Philo just south of Burlington for some good views). Vermont is known for its cheese (and maple syrup, but that is more wintery). Shelburne Farms is really fun to visit and I love their cheddar. Lots of great breweries, Magic Hat’s in Burlington and Switchback is near there too. Downtown Burlington, around Church Street, has lots of unique/delicious food – and many are vegetarian/vegan friendly. I like The Farmhouse Grill because their beer selection is a-ok! The Von Trapp family lodge is in Stowe, and we went there for a weekend and loved it.

    • Ah! I’m from Vermont originally and it’s the best!
      What are you interested in doing? So much good outdoors stuff in August – I second the recommendations for Lake Champlain and Mt. Philo. I’d also recommend a drive down Rt. 100 in the Waitsfield area.
      The Skinny Pancake in Burlington is delicious, second the recommendation for the Farmhouse Grill.
      I will say both Stowe and Woodstock are pretty touristy – not that they’re not great, but there are lots of other towns/areas that will have similar beautiful villages and outdoorsy things to do, and will likely be less crowded (and less expensive).
      The Shelburne Museum is very cool, and so is the Ben and Jerry’s factory in Waterbury (which has some good restaurants as well).

      • This is all great stuff. I’m in Killington most springs for skiing and/or sugar shacks around there, and I’ve been wanting to do a Vermont road trip in the summer.

  • I Dont Get It

    Rave: My Tasker Rabbit comes tomorrow for some long overdue deep cleaning. Question, how much to tip if anything? She’s billing $45 an hour.

  • Rave: Bi-weekly stretch break! I feel alive and alert!
    Rave: Boss out today, tomorrow, back Monday, then not back until May 5!
    Rave: Dark chocolate covered matzah. I am not Jewish but still look forward to it every year.
    Rave: Had a random zucchini in the fridge so decided to sautee it last night. Actually browned some onions and garlic…for me, this is a huge accomplishment! And, while slightly soggy, it was super tasty!
    Rant: Things might be changing for everyone in the office BUT me and no one has any idea of what might be coming. I really wish I could give people the heads-up. It’s not LIFE altering but still, some will definitely not be happy.

  • maxwell smart

    RANT: Started to make breakfast this morning and heard the faint sounds of small mammal scratching outside my door. Shrew season has started. Sigh. I can deal with insects. Small rodent/mammals… not so much.
    RAVE: Weekend trip out of town for a friends wedding. Since I’ll probably have nightmares tonight about shrews eating my face, it will be nice to have 2 nights of peaceful tranquility in a hotel room this weekend. Maybe I’ll get a massage.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rave: Got two compliments on my skin yesterday. I may have to keep up this full face of make-up after all.

  • Rave: Cancelled all my plans last night, stayed in and horizontal on the couch, gotta tone down the weeknight social, networking, and firm events.

    Rave: At my lowest weight in about 6-7 years, almost to my goal. Betting your friends is a good motivator.

    Rant: Doing the above consistently means leaving some opportunities on the table, not willing to do that just yet.

    Rant: Got read the Riot Act by my doctor yesterday afternoon on some other lifestyle changes that won’t be easy (caffeine, adequate sleep, lower sodium, etc.).

  • Rant: after reading yesterday’s rants about falling and thinking about how long it’s been since I’ve had a good tumble…I fell in spectacular fashion leaving work yesterday.
    Rant: wearing pants instead of a skirt or dress bc of skinned knees, see above.
    Rave: DC trifecta!!!

    • Emmaleigh504

      My mother falls down a lot. For a while she fell down out side her house every time this one lady was out walking her dog. I used to tease that the lady thought my mom was a drunk. Then one week when I was house sitting I fell down spectacularly in front of the lady walking the dog. She must have thought we were a family of drunks.

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rave: This morning’s retirement party for my boss/mentor went really well. Just one big meeting tomorrow, and then next week will be much less intense at work.
    Rave: Really looking forward to hearing Martha Nussbaum give the Jefferson Lecture on May 1.

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