Shooting near Park View Rec Center 11:30pm Last Night

park view shooting
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From MPD:

“On Thursday, April 27 around 11:30 PM, MPD responded to the sounds of gunshots in the 3600 block of Warder Street, NW. The responding officers located an adult male victim that sustained injury from gunfire. He was treated at a local hospital for non-life threatening injuries. There was no description of the suspect involved at this time.

Anyone with information on this case can call the MPD at 202-727-9099 or text at 50411.”

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  • That rec center is always trouble. The new juvenile center at 9th and Upshur is going to be that times 1000.

    • The event did not occur at the rec center is was outside of a residence along Warder Street.

    • No it isn’t. It’s kids playing on the playground, and teens and adults playing soccer and basketball. I go there to run on the track all the time. It’s a great space that brings a bunch of cross sections of the neighborhood together. Don’t blame the rec center for other people’s violence.

    • Agreed, the rec center is horrible. Not usually inside the rec center, but just out side of it definitely. Anyway, I heard the shots and immediately looked out my window to see a blue car speeding down Princeton Place and turning down Park. While I was on with 911 I saw MPD speeding down Park, maybe the got him.

      I look at the bright side, from about 12 years ago to about 4 years ago there would be 3 or 4 shootings a year “just outside the rec center”. We have had some summers where there are none.

      • I was just getting home and was on my front porch when I heard the shots. I ought to have called 911 straightaway, but I second-guessed myself (thinking/hoping it was fireworks) and didn’t. Glad to hear that you called immediately.

  • Live a block away on Park Place. Didn’t hear anything last night — guess my house has better insulation than I thought.

    I don’t think the rec center is always “trouble.” In my opinion, rarely does it have “trouble.” Plus, doesn’t the rec center close at dark? Does the rec center have anything to do with the shooting?

    • No the rec center had absolutely nothing to do with the shooting. The event occurred at a private residence

      • But it was outside that private residence, correct? Not indoors?
        The rec center always seems to have people congregating in front of it, and it appears that sometimes beefs start in that area and subsequently turn violent (as with the shooting at Quebec and Warder).

        • do the people (specifically, the bad apples, of which there are some, not the good folk) from park morton hang out here?

          • That’s a good question — I don’t know.
            It’s enough blocks away from Park Morton that I don’t think they would, but perhaps it has a geographically broader draw than I’d imagine.

          • It was not at a private residence, the officer told me it was on the street. People from Park Morton are not the problem. There are a lot of good people who live there. I can tell you specifically who some of the troublemakers are, though. Several people who grew up in the neighborhood have periodically been band from the rec center but for some reason they keep letting these 25-26 year old “kids” back in. An while they don’t cause problems in the rec center the certainly do outside of it. It is so, so much better than it was a few years ago. I would encourage the neighborhood to keep demanding the situation be addressed before it gets out of control again.

  • There has definitely been an uptick on the loitering outside the rec center smoking weed. Standing on the corners for hours. I dont think this is tied to one of the houses on that block. Two of the houses are vacant, two are group houses that have been no trouble ever. I have lived close by for 6 years and this would be the third shooting outside the rec center. Why don’t the rec centers have camara pointing in all directions?

    • Can we stop the reefer madnessesque cannabis fearmongering? Not sure what that has to do with anything. I’m often doing the same thing in the same vicinity…

      • Expecting people to do refer at the right time/place is not fear mongering.

        • And what is the right time/place for you? Would it be okay if they were congregating and smoking tobacco filled cigars at 11:30? Would that be less threatening to you? I fail to see what cannabis has to do with public safety.

  • In defense of the rec center: I’ve lived about two blocks down Warder and toward the Old Soldiers Home for two years and I think the Park View rec center is a great neighborhood scene. A demographic mix of youngsters and adults use the outdoor facilities, and the youths I see in front are always well mannered. It’s well-lit at night, and the rec center staff seem to have the kids under control inside.

    So not only have I never observed or sensed “trouble” from the place, I see it as an asset. Other than its proximity to many, many row homes occupied by neighborhood dwellers of all tenures, races, ages, sizes and shapes, I don’t see what the rec center has to do with this shooting.