• Hill Denizen

    I like that it isn’t another restaurant, but we have Eye Central a block down and a MyEyeDr. two or three blocks further down. Seems like an odd addition.

    • anonymous

      EyeCentral may be in need of some competition. I had a horrendous experience there where they made me four sets of glasses. It took all summer, only to have the last pair not work. I ended up getting a refund, having wasted months of my time trying to get a pair of glasses. On my many visits, though, I did get to see some angry customers who were having problems with glasses or experiencing poor service.

      • Hill Denizen

        My insurance doesn’t cover EyeCentral, but everyone I know who’s gone, really likes them. MyEyeDr. on the other hand….

  • bents

    I, for one, am shocked that an artisanal olive oil store couldn’t support the lease of that storefront.

    • Hill Denizen

      If they had a robust online presence, I could see it working, but then again, if they had a robust online presence they wouldn’t really need a storefront.

      • Linc Park SE

        The owner moved to strictly online to spend more time with her hubby.

  • dcmom

    Well, longtime and very happy customer of Dr. Fissell and Eye Central. Was hoping for something other than a chain optician.

    • Matt

      Can’t speak to the quality of Eye Central but Georgetown Optician isn’t really a chain. They’re family owned and only have three other locations (all in this area). I’ve been a customer at their 14th Street location and definitely found the service friendly and personalized.

  • Dan

    I loved Sapore. I was disappointed that they left. I bought so much olive oil there. Now I have to go to Georgetown to taste and buy. I still buy my favorites from Sapore online now.

  • Hill

    Excited Georgetown Optician is moving in! Definitely an upgrade over existing options.


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